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Best Blunt Wraps With No Tobacco

Seek and you shall find the best blunt wraps, from every price point, flavor profile, and rollability.

For herbal smokers, innovative tobacco-free wraps now provide satisfying alternatives to traditional nicotine-laden wraps. These modern wrapping options derive from sustainable plants like hemp along with unexpected materials such as guava leaves. 

This guide will explore best blunt wraps with no Tobacco to help you pick the best products that meet your needs and preferences.

Advantages Of Blunt Wraps With No Tobacco

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Non-tobacco blunt wraps provide advantages around safety, taste and sustainability compared to standard nicotine-containing wraps.

Health Considerations

When evaluating wraps, health risks are an important consideration for many users. Specifically, there are questions around whether hemp wraps may be safer than standard blunt wraps that contain nicotine and tobacco. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance with well-documented negative health impacts.

By contrast, hemp wraps lack nicotine, since hemp is a natural plant without this harmful compound. The removal of nicotine makes hemp wraps much less hazardous and addictive for smokers. When health risks are a primary concern, nicotine-free hemp wraps provide a safer alternative.


Both hemp cultivation and the wraps themselves tend to be more environmentally friendly compared to tobacco. Hemp plants require less resources to grow, and the wraps biodegrade much more quickly with less toxicity. 

This further motivates consumers concerned about environmental impact and eco-consciousness to choose hemp wraps. The decision aligns with green, sustainable values.

Taste And Flavor

Another advantage of wraps without nicotine is the ability to add different flavors. Brands such as High Hemp offer nicotine-free blunt wraps in a wide variety of tastes, ranging from natural hemp to exotic fruit combinations. The lack of overpowering tobacco and nicotine taste allows the flavors to come through clearly. 

This level of flavor personalization and variety enhances users’ smoking experiences. With so many options to choose from, smokers can select flavors that appeal to their personal preferences.

Materials Used In Tobacco-Free Blunt Wraps

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Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are made from industrial hemp plants, which contain very low levels of THC but higher concentrations of CBD. Hemp paper is used to create wraps that mimic the look and feel of tobacco wraps.

Hemp wraps can come in flavors like original, mango, cherry, grape, peach, and more. The hemp plant provides a sustainable material that avoids tobacco while allowing the reshapeable paper wraps to still facilitate the rolling process.

Palm Leaf Wraps

Palm wraps utilize dried palm leaves stitched together with natural plant fibers. Palm leaves offer flexibility and can be easily rolled, twisted, and shaped to produce wraps supporting a range of rolling styles.

Palm wraps provide a smooth smoking experience and neutral flavor that contrasts tobacco leaf alternatives. The palm leaves burn evenly for a consistent smoke that many herbal consumers enjoy.

Best Blunt Wraps No Tobacco

Twisted Hemp All Natural Wraps

Twisted Hemp wraps offer a 100% organic, natural hemp wrapping experience. Each pack contains 4 wraps instead of the typical 2 you find with other brands, providing more wraps for your buck.

Flavor options like Sweet, Grape Burst and Tropical Breeze add taste while Plain Jane provides pure weed flavor. They are easy to roll and can be found at some gas stations for convenient blunting.

Herbal Goods Co. Pre-Rolled Cones

Herbal Goods pre-rolled cones provide a unique, sustainable approach to herbal smoking. Each box comes with 5 HGC pre-rolled cones in airtight glass vials to keep freshness.

They are meticulously hand-rolled without additives or toxins using sustainably wild-harvested Ebony leaves from India. The pre-rolled cones include natural corn husk filters for an extra smooth experience. 85% of Herbal Goods employees are rural women, providing jobs and opportunities. Overall, these cones offer natural, blunt enjoyment while promoting social good.

Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps

Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps bring the familiar blunt experience without the tobacco in 2-wrap packs. You can choose from 6 flavors like Strawberry Fields and Tropical Passion.

As a non-GMO product from a leading rolling paper company, they provide quality taste and burn for the hemp wrap lover. Each pack delivers the satisfying roll, taste and aroma you expect from a tobacco wrap with an all-natural hemp approach.

High Hemp Wraps

High Hemp Herbal Wraps include handy tips alongside their organically flavored wraps. With options like Grapeape and Maui Mango, they provide tasty hemp blunts enhanced by naturally occurring CBD for soothing effects.

Their CBD content sets them apart to deliver relaxation on top of your herbal smoke session. And with 2 filter tips in every pack, you get extra freshness and convenience.

Hemp Zone Cigar Wraps

Hemp Zone Cigar Wraps offer great value with 5 wraps per pack for only $1. The wraps are rillo-sized made completely of Canadian hemp, free of tobacco and nicotine.

They pack tons of freshness while allowing you to enjoy the flavors without an overly sweet aftertaste. There are 6 flavor options to choose from: Natural, Kush, Sweet, Kiwi, Wet & Fruity, and Bee Berry.

Kingpin Hemp Wraps

Kingpin Hemp Wraps are 100% pure hemp blunt wraps free of tobacco. Kingpin Hemp Wraps feature a perfect fold technology that makes rolling easy, perfect for beginner rollers. Each pack comes with 4 wraps to enjoy a quality smoke session.

Flavor options are Blueberry Bomb, Goomba Grape, Spanish Fly, Laid Back, Original G and more without being too sweet. As hemp wraps, they provide a slow, smooth burn.

Kong Natural Hemp Wraps

Kong Natural Hemp Wraps may burn faster than other hemp wraps but offer a pure, flavorful smoking experience. The three all-natural wraps in each pouch provide a strong hemp taste and terpene profile with natural CBD, similar to Girl Scout Cookies.

For those looking for quick, satisfying hemp wrap sessions, Kong brings flavor and freshness from quality 100% natural ingredients.

Minty's Mint Wraps

Minty’s Mint Wraps provide organically grown mint wraps for a refreshing twist. With 2 wraps per pack, you can enjoy a peppermint tasting smoke that still allows natural cannabis flavors to come through.

Each pack also includes 2 filter tips for extra freshness and slow burn. The mint wrapping leads to satisfying long-lasting wraps.

How To Use Blunt Wraps With No Tobacco

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Using nicotine-free wraps requires a similar process to rolling traditional blunts, but there are some useful tips to know. 


Before rolling your wrap, assemble the necessary supplies – the hemp wrap, ground smoking material, a grinder and potentially a rolling device if you want an easier experience. Grind up your chosen material into small pieces, but not too fine. 


Take your wrap and evenly distribute the ground contents along the length of the paper. Be careful not to overload the wrap, which can cause tearing or make rolling tricky. 


This is the most challenging step. Using a rolling device can simplify things. If rolling by hand, gently tuck the paper around the filling and progressively roll up the wrap. 


Finish your wrap by moistening the outer edge, either using saliva or water. Firmly join the moistened edge to seal the rolled contents within the wrap.

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