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Best CBD Drinks: The Top CBD-Infused Beverages To Buy In 2023

Refreshing, energizing, calming, there's a CBD drink for every occasion, and here we have selected the best ones available right now.

With the growing popularity of CBD, more and more products and product lines are continually coming up, diversifying how people can experience the many benefits of this cannabinoid. The traditional oils, capsules, and topicals are now accompanied by edibles, shampoos, pet treats, and the one that we’ll be focusing on in this article: drinks.

Since CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD drinks won’t get you high; besides, they do not have traces of THC in them. In addition to the refreshing and calming effects that CBD drinks have, they offer several health benefits that include anxiety reduction, nausea relief, decreased muscle and joint pain, improved sleep, reduced inflammation, and even healthier skin.

CBD drinks come in a variety of products and presentations. Nowadays, you can find infusions, teas, flavored waters, coffee, kombucha, tonics, sodas, and even alcoholic drinks such as beers and wines. There’s one perfect for every occasion. Check out our selection for the best CBD-infused drinks of 2021.

What Are CBD Drinks

The old aphorism, “let food be thy medicine” should be the new mantra for the cannabidiol (CBD) industry. Thanks to technological advancements and creative minds, relaxing hemp-infused beverages are hitting the shelves with unprecedented fervor. Sodas, teas, coffees, and fancy flavored sparkling waters are all examples of the CBD drinks and elixirs available for consumers today.

Yet, why are CBD drinks suddenly so popular? There’s a simple answer to this question—CBD makes you feel good. Hemp-enhanced sodas are far more than a sweet-tasting pastime.  Featuring an added dose of CBD, these new infused products have a special knack for inspiring natural feelings of calm.

How Do CBD Drinks Work

best cbd drinks

Photo by Kaya Kelley for Herb

The calming benefits of CBD may sound enticing, but why drink it? CBD can be absorbed under the tongue, swallowed in capsules, applied to the skin, inhaled via vaporization, and even infused into solid foods. Yet, while all of these options are valuable to consumers, some products are highly effective while others are not. Different CBD products work differently in the human body. Although there are many ways to consume the cannabinoid, some products are more beneficial than others.

In scientific terms, each of these different consumption methods features a different level of bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the ability of the body to absorb a particular supplement and then put that supplement to use. For those hoping to take CBD daily or on a regular basis, bioavailability is an important concept to understand.

The more bioavailable the supplement, the greater the benefit to the consumer. 95% of CBD is destroyed before entering the bloodstream. This loss occurs due to the way in which CBD is metabolized by the human body.

In general, here are three basic rules that influence the bioavailability of CBD products:

  • Liquids are more bioavailable than solids.
  • Vaporization is more immediately bioavailable than solid food.
  • Transdermal CBD is more bioavailable than topical CBD.

Supplements that are highly bioavailable reduce waste by allowing consumers to experience the greatest effects even at low dosages. Liquids, like CBD drinks, are digested and metabolized more easily than solid foods. Hence, choosing the right CBD is important to justify bioavailability.

Best CBD Drinks of 2021

Keef Blackberry Coconut Sparkling Water

This can of sparkling water is infused with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, and with 10 mg of each cannabinoid per serving, you are in for a fun and relaxing time. Keef’s Blackberry Coconut sparkling H2O has a naturally flavored cannabis experience with zero calories and no added sugars.

This cannabis-infused drink produced by Keef is made with a rotating hybrid strain. Expect uplifting and motivating effects that will have you in a relaxed and euphoric state of mind. This CBD drinks shine above the rest because of its unique flavor and elegant punch.

Wyld CBD Sparkling Water

The top place of our list goes to this refreshing, delicious, and beautiful line of CBD canned drinks.

Wyld CBD has converted its famous CBD-infused candy into this new beverage product line. A superb option for energy improvement and mind relaxation, these canned sparkling waters offer a delicious taste and all the benefits of CBD.

Each can contains 25 mg of USA sourced full-spectrum CBD extract, 0% THC, less than 2 gr of sugar, and naturally infused fruits that give it its flavor for only 10 calories per can. A delicious drink that comes in four flavors: Raspberry, Lemon, Blackberry, and Blood Orange.

Here’s our full review of Wyld CBD sparkling water for more!

Miraflora Naturals Sparkling CBD Beverages

Made with 35 mg of hemp flower extract, Miraflora Sparkling Drinks contain a great combination of nutrients and vitamins including B12, Magnesium, and Zinc. They’re lightly flavored and naturally sweetened with Stevia, making them a refreshing alternative to alcoholic drinks that won’t leave you lightheaded or overly stimulated.

These canned drinks are a delicious way to stay healthy all day long. They’re great for the daytime when a naturally pleasant taste and low-calorie content come in handy. They satisfy cravings for sweets and caffeine while energizing your body without weighing you down like coffee or tea.

Their +Balance drinks are ideal for daytime use and come in Tuscan Blood Orange and Peach Ginger flavors.

The Berry Hibiscus-flavored +Sport drink is best for active lifestyles as it is built to help your muscles recover after a workout.

Finally, they’ve got a +Relax canned drink that’s the ultimate drink if you want to achieve a wavy and chill mood thanks to its combination of full-spectrum CBD with soothing herbs like chamomile and Yuzu.

Recess Sparkling Water

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Its name says everything you need to know about this brand. Recess sells a feeling. With every 355ml can of Recess, you will not only be getting a refreshing and delicious beverage, but you will also feel calm, focused, relaxed, and creative. 

Besides being delicious and refreshing, this drink has the first place on our list because it has an ample variety of flavors to try. Drink Recess in any of its options: Coconut Lime, Peach Ginger, Blood Orange, Pomegranate Hibiscus, Black Cherry, and Blackberry Chai.

Here’s our full review if you want to learn more!

CBD American Shaman Sparkling Water

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These sparking canned drinks from CBD American Shaman, much like Recess, elevated the sparkling water world by bringing in the soothing sensations of CBD with delicious flavor options. Featuring 10 mg of full-spectrum nano-hemp extract, these beverages from CBD American Shaman will for sure make you feel more chilled out after every sip. They are available in two mouthwatering flavors: Watermelon-Strawberry Lime and Coconut-Grapefruit,

CBDfx Chill Shots

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Two incredibly delicious and conveniently packaged shots that come with all the necessary attributes of a drink that allows you to unwind almost instantly. CBDfx is one of the top CBD product brands in the world, which means you can rest assured you are getting exactly what you pay for.

With Chill Shots, CBDfx is giving you two options; diluting the flavorful shot into a refreshing glass of still or sparkling water for a functional dose of CBD, or taking it directly as a concentrated dose for a faster onset.

Each Chill Shot comes with 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and an additional 200 mg dose of L-Theanine for further calming powers. CBDfx Chill Shots are naturally sweetened in one of two flavors (lemonade & berry) and are a 100% vegan product.

Zolt Mixie Sticks

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If there was one thing we’ve been asking for in CBD-infused drinks is added versatility. Because CBD is considered a functional ingredient, packaging should be equally functional and convenient to reflect it.

Zolt does exactly that.

A dilutable CBD drink powder that’s 100% THC-free. Zolt packs come with 20 mg worth of CBD extract and other functional ingredients like adaptogen and antioxidants.

Each pack varies in the type of spectrum used. Which gives you even more flexibility in choosing the right type of product for the symptom you are aiming to treat.

Zolt packs come in deliciously unique flavors and each unit is formulated to meet a specific goal like boosting your energy or supporting better sleep.

CBD Hemp Soda

Photo courtesy of Cannabinoid Creations.

A product of Cannabinoid Creations, a company that has specialized and mastered the CBD-infused product market. CBD Hemp Soda brings together the world recognized flavors of well-known sodas like Ginger Ale or Cola and mixed them along with the highly beneficial CBD. Basically, a vintage-inspired soda company with the addition of CBD. A delicious and refreshing option that’s perfect for any occasion and will bring you into a completely relaxed state with a comfortable body feeling and peace of mind. 

Cleen Craft Non-Alcoholic CBD Cocktails

Photo courtesy of Cleen Craft.

A delicious and refreshing CBD drink that’s designed to improve your mood and give you a sense of general wellbeing. This organic, plant-based drink is a perfect substitute for regular artificially flavored sodas and beverages. The combination of various plant extracts, including CBD, makes this a great option for daytime consumption, enhancing your mood and giving you energy and a clear head. At only 85 calories per can, this drink is perfect for enjoying and relaxing with its flavorful options. Find the Cleen Craft Non-Alcoholic CBD Drinks in Ginger, Cola, or Lime flavors.

Dirty Lemon

Photo courtesy of Dirty Lemon.

A CBD elixir that’s good to drink at any moment of your day. Just like all the other drinks on the list, this one will not get you high. Still, it is probably the one with the most cannabis flavor since it is inspired by the famous Pineapple Express strain. This low-calorie beverage comes with CBD, pink Himalayan salt, electrolytes, and L-Theanine. This blend of ingredients will give you mild euphoria, full-body relaxation, and a clear mind that’s designed to boost your cognition, alertness, and tranquility.

Aurora Elixirs

Photo courtesy of Aurora Elixirs.

A refreshing option that’s perfect for making flavorful cocktails or just to drink alone with lots of ice. These sparkling tonics come in 250 ml bottles and have 15mg of CBD alongside other all-natural ingredients and only 8 gr of sugar. The 0% of THC in these tonics make them perfect for cocktail mixers since you won’t feel the adverse effects of the combination of THC and alcohol. Find Aurora Elixers in their two delicious herbaceous flavors: Lavender Spice and Grapefruit Rosemary.

Best Tasting CBD Drinks

CBD Living Sparkling Water

CBD Living Sparkling Water is a delicious and refreshing treat for the body and mind. Each can contains 25 mg of nano-spectrum CBD, so you can enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol without a heavy feeling.

With no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, CBD Living Sparkling Water is a delicious and guilt-free alternative to sugary drinks. This natural base gives you all the effects of CBD without any unpleasant THC side effects.

Perfect for those who want to chill out and hydrate pre-workout or before bedtime, it comes in pure and bold flavors: Strawberry Lavender, Peach Honey, Apple Ginger, and Orange Grapefruit.

Kickback CBD Lemonades

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A perfect option for those who need some extra energy during the day. These vegan, gluten-free CBD-infused fruit-flavored lemonades are an ideal beverage for any time in the day. These CBD beverages are designed to deliver that peaceful energy boost that helps you be alert on your day.

Each 225 ml Kickback CBD Lemonade is infused with 10 mg of organically extracted broad-spectrum nano CBD which means that is more easily absorbed by your body and delivers a fast-acting effect. Find Kickback CBD Lemonades in five flavors: Lemony Lemon, Mellow Mango, and Strawberry Sunshine.

Nu-X Relax CBD Shot

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The Nu-X Relax CBD shot stands out for its delicious blueberry flavor. This shot is ideal for busy professionals and swamped students. Its portable size lets it fit easily in a pocket or handbag so you can take it anywhere.

Each bottle contains 2 oz of liquid and 30 mg of full-spectrum cold-extracted CBD derived from responsibly grown hemp plants and no THC. Whether you toss it back like a shot or sip it slowly to savor it, Nu-X’s Relax CBD Shot delivers delicious CBD relief on-the-go.

Tribe CBD Sleep Shots

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Tribe CBD’s berry-flavored CBD shots are a delicious, zero-calorie pre-bedtime drink. These shots have 20 mg of nano-emulsified broad-spectrum CBD and absolutely no THC. Besides, it features Tribe CBD’s proprietary blend of natural ingredients that combined with CBD make for an amazing nightcap either by itself or mixed with your beverage of preference. Take one and enjoy a night of restful sleep followed by an energetic and active morning.

Best CBD Energy Drinks

Joy Organics CBD Energy Drink

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This premium CBD Energy Drink Mix by Joy Organics is engineered to deliver the focus and boost you need to get activated and energetic on your day. It’s perfect for those times when you want to get the most out of your workout or finish that important project.

This CBD energy drink will help you stay focused on the task at hand, whether you’re getting ready for a physically demanding activity or need extra concentration for your work or studies. Give it a try and experience the power of this THC-free beverage.

Palm Organix CBD Energy Drink

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Palm Organix berry-flavored CBD energy drink mix packets come with 12.5 mg of broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD with the addition of amino acids, vitamins, and 75 mg of caffeine. This is a drink that you can enjoy at any time during the day when you feel like you need a boost of energy.

The delicious berry flavor is easily mixed into your water bottle, or into your favorite smoothie recipe. All Palm Organix products are third-party lab tested for purity, potency, and overall quality and they meet the highest quality standards of the industry, so you can be sure that this CBD energy drink is a product you can trust.

Tribe CBD Energy Shots

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These berry-flavored shots from Tribe CBD have 20 mg of nano emulsified broad-spectrum CBD combines with Tribe CBD’s proprietary all-natural blend of ingredients designed to an energy boost throughout your day. With no THC, zero calories, and an extremely discreet and portable presentation, these energy shots are perfect to be carried around for those moments when you need focused energy.

Nu-X Awake CBD Shot with Caffeine

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Theis mango-flavored Awake CBD Shot with Caffeine by Nu-X is a perfect way to start off your day with a little boost. This shot features a blend of CBD, caffeine, and other natural ingredients that together make for an ideal drink for those times when you want an extra pick me up.

Nu-X Awake CBD Shots contain 150 mg of caffeine combined with 30 mg of full-spectrum CBD. This is the perfect blend to get the energy boost you want. Take it with your coffee or by itself and taste its mouthwatering mango flavor.

Best Powdered CBD Drinks

Savage CBD Pink Lemonade CBD Drink Powder

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One of the best powdered CBD infused beverages is this Pink Lemonade CBD Drink Powder by Savage CBD. This beverage uses nano-spectrum CBD that lets your body absorb CBD easier, which maximized your CBD intake and its effects. To enjoy Savage CBD’s delicious naturally-flavored nano-spectrum CBD just add one scoop to a glass of water. Each container holds 24 drinks that are good for 8-12 oz of water. Each scoop delivers 6.25 mg of CBD.

Oleo CBD Drink Mix

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A product designed for athletes and physically active users. Oleo is perfect for a post-workout drink for its high hydration. Plus, it is excellent for treating sore muscles and joints and reducing inflammation. This powder mix comes with CBD microcapsules that bind the cannabinoid together with carbohydrates, making it easier to absorb. Each Oleo powder mix comes with 250 mg of CBD and no THC and can be found in four mouthwatering flavors: Coconut, Passionfruit, Tangerine, and Raspberry; and in four sizes: 1-pack, 6-pack, 12-pack, and jars.

Nanocraft CBD Superfood Green Powder

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Nanocraft CBD’s Superfood Green Powder combines the mind and body soothing effects of CBD with a highly potent, nutrient-dense, and potentially immune-supporting compound to create this powdered drinks.

This vegan, THC-free CBD beverage features 20 mg of highly bio-available water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD with some of Earth’s green juice powders, probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbal phytonutrients, and potential stress-reducing adaptogens. The result is a delicious drink that can assist you and your body with the support and the energy boost it needs throughout the day.

Best CBD Coffee

Sträva Craft Coffee

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This Colorado-based coffee roaster has an infused line of coffee that is chock full of cannabinoids. The whole bean coffee tastes like a craft brew you would expect at your local cafe, but with a unique kick: broad-spectrum hemp extract.

Founded by 2 friends, Sträva roasts small batches to bring out the best of every bean. With three different potency levels and roasts, and whole-bean and ground coffee packs as well as K-Cup and Nespresso pods, Sträva surely has something for everyone.

Rest assured that one cup of Sträva coffee is just what you want out of a CBD-infused cup of joe; no jitters, amazing flavors, and the chill sensation of broad-spectrum CBD. Whether it’s in the early morning or as an afternoon pick me up, a Sträva craft coffee will get you there.

Click here for our full list of the best CBD coffee out there.

Best CBD Tea

Empress Teas

Empress Teas combines the healing power of plants, botanicals, and hemp isolate to create the perfect cup of CBD tea. Their blends incorporate organic, sustainable, and fair trade ingredients sourced from around the world. Whether it’s to help combat stress and inflammation or pain relief, the Empress Teas blend is created to bring your body back into balance.

Start your day with their lemony-sweet Morning Ritual Blend. The combination of lemongrass, rooibos, and caffeine is designed to help you stay calm and alert with every sip. They also have a caffeine-free Evening Ritual Blend that has soothing Egyptian chamomile.

Benefits of CBD Drinks

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

Sipping on a CBD drink feels as natural as having a glass of water. And just like water, these drinks can support your well-being in numerous ways. CBD drinks boast the same benefits as other forms of CBD, from relieving chronic pain to boosting your stamina. No matter what kind of drink you prefer, chances are you can find one that’s CBD-infused, like CBD soda, CBD-infused juice, CBD sparkling water, and plenty more. Whatever you have a taste for, you can have it with a wholesome shot of cannabidiol.

CBD drinks are also low-key. It’s rare to see a CBD drink with “CBD” stamped in bold across its packaging. From an outsider’s perspective, it just looks like some drink they’ve never heard of, which means you can take them anywhere without sparking too much curiosity. They’re a great conversation starter if you want them to be, but if not, you could always pour one into your favorite tumbler.

CBD Drinks For Wellbeing

There is perhaps one quality to thank for the rising popularity of CBD drinks. The molecule has the ability to inspire a sense of calm and natural ease in its consumers. In fact, emerging medical research suggests that CBD may have anxiolytic properties, reducing feelings of fear, and apprehension during stressful situations.

When infused into a beverage, CBD is more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. For this reason, drinking CBD is likely to exert calming effects more quickly than taking a capsule or consuming solid food.

The problem with CBD beverages is that not all CBD is created equal.

CBD Drinks As Antioxidants

If early research is any indication, CBD is a potent plant-based antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. According to a patent filed by the U.S. government, cannabinoids like CBD may even have stronger antioxidant potential than vitamins E and C. Antioxidants work by neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body, which can damage cells and DNA.

Free radicals are produced in the body during normal cellular processes, like exercise and the metabolism of food. But, harmful free radicals can also come from external sources like air pollution and chemically-contaminated foods. As an antioxidant, CBD blocks the damage caused by free radicals. When free radicals are not neutralized, they can contribute to disease and aging over time. While some of these processes are inevitable, diets rich in antioxidants from plants are theorized to promote health and longevity over the course of a lifetime by diminishing the negative impacts of free radicals.  

Effects Of CBD-Infused Drinks

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

How do CBD drinks make you feel? Mostly relaxed. CBD does affect your mind and body, but not in the way THC does. Not even close. THC gets you high and can trigger anxiety and other unpleasant symptoms for some. If CBD doesn’t make you feel relaxed, then you likely won’t “feel” much, other than, potentially, relief from your ailment(s). That’s the magic of CBD; it delivers relief without messing up your day.

The CBD in these beverages typically takes 15 to 30 minutes for it to take action, and it lasts for a long time. But not too long, just two to four hours. That makes CBD drinks easy to manage and easy to dose, also. Most CBD drinks are low-dose for that same reason. Again, CBD and THC have different goals, so the odds of you finding a bevy loaded with a ridiculous amount of CBD is slim. Even if you do, according to one study, humans can tolerate as much as 1,500 mg of CBD daily.

Types Of CBD Drinks

CBD Drinks deliver carefully measured dosages of CBD in a way that is easy for the body to absorb. Since liquids are easier to digest than solids, CBD drinks typically feature a fast activation time of around 30 minutes. All the while, the effects of a liquid CBD supplement last longer than inhaled or sublingual CBD.

Even in the realm of CBD drinks, however, not all products are created equally. The bioavailability of CBD also depends on how the cannabinoid was extracted, prepared, and infused into the product. To enhance the efficacy of CBD supplements, many companies use nano and microtechnology to ensure that the cannabinoid can effectively be used throughout the body. Using this technology, CBD can more easily circulate through the bloodstream.

Water-Soluble CBD Drinks

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

Of all of the different products and formulations available, water-soluble CBD drinks and supplements are among the most bioavailable. In this case, the term soluble refers to the ability of CBD to fully dissolve in water. When CBD can easily dissolve in water, it means that the supplement is more readily absorbed into the bloodstream, and with a high rate of effectiveness to boot.

CBD, however, is not naturally water-soluble. The cannabinoid is a fat-derived compound, and, as the common saying suggests, oil and water don’t mix. The molecule itself is a natural component of plant resin, which is an essential oil produced by the cannabis plant. This resin dissolves in fat like butter and cooking oil, not water.

In the human body, fat-soluble and water-soluble nutrients are absorbed and utilized in fundamentally different ways. Water-soluble nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the small intestine, while fat-based compounds are either pulled out of the digestive tract via stool or are absorbed through the lymphatic system before being tagged for removal by the liver. More often than not, when you consume cannabis-infused foods and beverages, the majority of the active components are excreted before they even enter the body.  

To solve this problem, scientists have developed new delivery technologies to improve the absorption of CBD. One of them is a micro-nanotechnology called “liquid structures”. This technology does not change or manipulate the CBD particles, but rather provide extremely small delivery vessels to dramatically increase absorption and prevent the breakdown of CBD in the stomach. As such, the nano-sized CBD is more easily able to enter the bloodstream and travel to cells throughout the body.

Infused CBD Drinks

Photography by Georgia Love for Herb

In contrast to water-soluble CBD preparations, some CBD drinks are infused with simple hemp resin extractions. These drinks are infused with either CBD isolate or CBD oil that has been extracted using carbon dioxide as a solvent. Unfortunately, while these drinks may produce some effect, these types of infusions tend to have poor bioavailability.

CBD can only enter the bloodstream with a high degree of efficacy when it is made to be water-soluble and stable. Without the use of nanotechnology or other preparation methods, most of the CBD consumed will not be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

To improve the absorption of CBD drinks infused with CO2 oil or isolate, the beverage will need to be infused with shelf-stable, water-soluble CBD. While adding creamer to a cup of CBD-infused coffee could help increase the absorption of regular CBD into lymphatic and blood circulation, the bioavailability of these types of drinks is still far less than that of bio-enhanced CBD. As mentioned above, most of the CBD you consume in foods and beverages is excreted before it makes it into the body at all.

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