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Herb’s Guide To The Best San Francisco Smoke Spots

If you’re thinking about the Full House opening theme song, yes, some of those views are listed here.

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I discovered that there are more hills to smoke on than I ever thought possible. I’m from the east coast and seeing this colorful city simply took my breath away with some of these amazing views.

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Twin Peaks

Photo by Arun / Adobe Stock Photo

No, not the crime drama series, which is also enjoyable while high. I am talking about the Twin Peaks, formally Breasts of the Maiden, where you can get a clear view of the entire Bay Area. If the skies are friendly and clear that is. Granted, even in the cloudy weather, it was still beautiful.

Hawk Hill

Photo by shmillionaire of Reddit

The name lives up to the hype, especially during the hawk’s spring migration. Share a joint with a friend or take a self-care dab, keep your head up, and maybe you’ll see a hawk, or two, fly by. Don’t worry, it’s not a hallucination.

Tank Hill

Photo by Chris / Adobe Stock Photo

Not a full 360-degree view of the Bay Area, but blaze one up here and enjoy three major tourist views at once: downtown San Francisco, Alcatraz, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. Talk about being a productive stoner.

Battery Spencer

Photo by Kiara for Herb

Across the Golden Gate Bridge lies a lovely little hill with the most breathtaking views of the sunset. Bring your finest smokeable and relish in the beauty of this rich history. Who doesn’t love to smoke around old abandoned military buildings? Don’t worry, I didn’t encounter any ghosts.

Empire Park

Photo by unknown for MapQuest

An amicable little spot perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of Chinatown and the Financial District. It didn’t surprise me to see so many suits sparking up in the middle of the day. This tiny park is an oasis perfect for that midday blaze.

Stow Lake

Photo by mightypix / Adobe Stock Photo

Who wouldn’t want to spark up in a little boat? These paddle boats are basically idiot proof, but if tokin’ in a boat isn’t quite your scene, no worries. The Botanical Gardens are right next door. Enjoy a nice little walk around the lake or take a hit among the flowers.

Embarcadero Ferry Building

Photo by PeteBobb of Wikimedia

Haven’t you heard? Oh yes, free samples! Got the munchies? Well, enjoy a walk around the Ferry Building Marketplace. You’ll get some bomb snacks along the way and maybe even discover some new favorite foods.

Alamo Square Park

Photo by Brad Pict / Adobe Stock Photo

This bit of elevated beauty is perfect for that after-dinner walk and smoke sesh. Light one up and cherish the views of these famous Victorian homes and the city all at once. Yes, that includes the Full House house.

Alta Plaza Park

Photo by inspiredbycat for TripAdvisor

Probably one of the most open smoke spots around. Grab a picnic blanket, your favorite bong, and maybe a friend or two. Enjoy the city views atop this beautifully maintained park.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Photo by McCollister / Adobe Stock Photo

Ok, so this was definitely my favorite spot to visit. Just getting off the boat from Alcatraz, I blazed up a fat one and walked around the markets where I met the world’s most amazing lobster roll paired with some bomb-fried calamari. You’re welcome.

Yerba Buena Gardens

Photo by D’Arcy Norman of Wikimedia

Where I come from ‘yerba’ is what we call weed. Straight dank. So of course I had to check this place out. I was not disappointed in this modern park. All this amazing area nestled among the finest modern and contemporary culture.

Potrero Hill

Photo by Belgo96 of TripAdvisor

Grabbing more exercise than I needed to, but totally worth the city views and some Victorian condos. If walking up is not your goal for this dab (or whatever you’re smoking) session you can always drive up to the top and soak in the city lights.

Hippie Hill

Photo by Running in the Rain of Golden Gate Park

Remember number 6 Stow Lake? Well if you head east 20 minutes (or drive the mile, not judging) you can reach the most stoner hill in San Francisco. Rightly named, this hill has seen many smokers in the past 4/20’s. Whether you’re there to celebrate the stoner holiday or just to meet new people, it’s a dope spot to spark up.

Telegraph Hill

Photo by kkmd of Wikipedia

You could do what a lot of people do (like myself) and spend money to go up to the top of Coit Tower, which is still pretty cool or you can smoke at the top of the hill for some dope panoramic views. The tower adds a nice aesthetic to the whole scene.

Corona Heights Park

Photo by NAParish of RootsRated

Not talking about the beer. I am talking about the dustiest yet somehow coziest hill in San Francisco. Most of the hilltops flourish with greens, but this dusty trail is what makes this park stand out. A charming little hike to the top and you see yet another alluring 360-degree view of this marvelous city.

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