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Forgetting A Crappy Day: Best Cannabis Strains For Stress Relief

Coping with stress can be difficult... luckily there’s a natural alternative that has proven effective for many over the years… 

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Stress can be more than just built-up crankiness after a hectic day at the office.

At times stress can feel daunting and perhaps even depressing. Whether stress is linked to depression or not can only be confirmed by a licensed physician.

Depression is a genetic brain condition that can stem from many causes.


Constant exposure to stressful situations can certainly increase the risk of developing depression if you don’t cope with the stress effectively.

This only serves to conclude that coping with stress efficiently might be more important than we even thought.

But coping with stress isn’t all that easy, is it?

Some people have adapted to stressful situations and cope with them successfully through a variety of different activities. Regular exercise and visits to the psychologist are both common and healthy practices.

Other more unhealthy practices might include heavy drinking and uncontrolled partying. 

The point is:

We can’t all cope with stress as effectively as the next person. Some people aren’t willing to exercise or visit the psychologist, likewise, some of us would like to and need to stay away from parties and drinking.

Luckily there’s a natural alternative that has proven effective for many over the years… 

Weed of course.

Weapon of Choice for Stress Relief: Indica or Sativa?

The cannabis plant can be classified into two different main strains; Indica and Sativa. Both strains can have a high THC content and their potency will depend on farming processes and genetics.

In other words:

The type of strain doesn’t necessarily define the potency of the high.


What it can be linked to is the type of high.

Sativa strains are known for their foggy-headed high, energy-boosting, creative enhancing, and euphoria-producing properties.

Cannabis Indica on the other hand, are strains usually characterized by a relaxing, calming, and at times, almost sedating effect on the body.

As you can see:

All of these properties are likely to have a positive effect on stress. Whether you need to ‘feel alive’ (Sativa) or if you need to relax & unwind while watching a movie and dozing off (Indica).

The truth is that which strain works best will be defined by your specific situation and cannabis taste. Some people might find Sativa a bit overwhelming and choose to go with Indica, while others might need a little pick-me-up and feel active in order to get rid of stress.

Our Pick for Top Cannabis Strains for Stress Relief

Sour G by Herb


Sour G CBG Flower

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Sour G is a THC-free Sativa flower bud grown in small batches using indoor growth techniques that allow Botany Farms to keep a close eye on the plant’s genetics.

At Herb, we decided to team up with Botany Farms and launch this uniquely exclusive CBG flower to give you the opportunity to start slow with a non-intoxicating option that still provides all the marvelous effects of cannabis.

With a high CBG content, the diesel and citrus scent notes kick in with a clean, smooth, and uplifting breath of thick smoke. CBG and Sativa are a scarce combination and could be the solution to finding stress relief without having to worry about any drowsy effects. If you wanted to steer clear of THC and experiment with something novel like CBG, then Sour G by Botany Farms is the product for you.

Mendo Breath All Sun by LitHouse

A flower strain that provides an incredibly strong body high with a medium to strong head high. Mendo Breath All Sun by Lit House is qualified by reviewers as a flower with exceptional flavor and scent profiles of delicious piney sweet cream. 

Mendo Breath All Sun is very potent and is often used as a post-workout strain because of its pain-relieving properties. Mood-boosting is also mentioned among its key characteristics, which combined with analgesic properties makes it just the perfect strain for a much needed unwinding.

Tangie Biscotti by Pruf Cultivar

Tangie Biscotti provides an uplifting head high and a comfortable body buzz that makes this a relaxing smoking session. Tangie Biscotti is a high-THC hybrid that brings strong feelings of euphoria but allows you to remain relaxed and focused. 

Tangie Biscotti has been known to be a great meditation and creativity-boosting strain. So, depending on your line of work you might be benefitted from using it as a daytime product.

A strain filled with fruity aromas and flavors that can potentially help you to concentrate on something much more rewarding than brewing sourly on a day that requires forgetting.

Chupacabra by Dawg Star

Because smoking is no longer the only alternative, we decided to include Dawg Star’s Chupacabra Cartridge.

A creative Sativa oil cartridge designed with a 510 thread that fits standard vape batteries.

Loaded with an earthy hybrid extract, this cartridge returns a head high with euphoric and focused results that allow you to settle in a delightfully calm work-friendly mindset. 

Vapor provides a quick onset and Chupacabra is a player with a knack to play all positions perfectly. This means it can be used as a daytime or nighttime strain just as well.

Milky Way by Alien Labs

Finally, a true Indica that provides true Indica effects.

Alien Labs has created an incredibly effective premium flower made for a star-gazing evening, a pain-relieving stretch session, or a much needed meditation.

Milky Way has a creamy vanilla flavor that pairs perfectly with the relaxing relief of a strong body high. The high THC content on this strain allows you to go anywhere you want with it, whether it’s relaxing with friends or by yourself.

Orange Cream Indica Cake Bites by BlueRoots Cannabis

A list like this just wouldn’t be complete without a strain-specific edible.

Blue Roots Cannabis’ Orange Cream Indica Cake Bites are sweet and creamy edibles made to provide your body with all the unwinding and relaxingly calm effects of the Indica plant. Each bite is intended to help you cope with stress by setting you in a socializing spirit.

The perfect, and discreet alternative for a day in the park or a coffee date with a friend.

February 22, 2021 — Last Updated February 23, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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February 22, 2021 — Last Updated February 23, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena

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