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Guides | 12.27.2021

Herb’s Guide To The Best THC-P Vape Cartridges

What do we know about this new, potent cannabinoid? Which brands carry the best quality cartridges of THC-P? Let’s begin.

Sometimes having a smoke session can be messy, smelly, or just a hassle to clean after. Cartridges are the way to go for those who want to consume cannabis discreetly and on the go. 

Nowadays, there are several cartridges in the market. They come in different terpene flavors and profiles, and even THC isomers like Delta 8 and Delta 10.

With the popularity of these two hemp-derived cannabinoids rising, there is a new powerful rival on the block: THC-P.

There is one key difference, though. THC-P is up to 30 times more potent than your usual THC. It is also known for its intense body and head buzz and has taken the cannabis world for a spin.

As with other cannabinoids, THC-P has also found its way into the cartridge market. And unfortunately, finding product quality is complicated with cartridges.

Because of this, we have gathered the best THC-P cartridges we could find. Here is some of the essential information you will need to choose your next smoking sesh.

So, What Is THC-P?

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As its name suggests, tetrahydrocannabiphorol, or THC-P, is a natural cannabinoid and analog of THC present in various forms in cannabis. It is extracted in the same way as the well-known Delta 8.

This new hemp-derived cannabinoid is one of the most robust psychoactive effects departments. Some have even associated it with stronger euphoric feelings, besides your usual cannabis properties.

It is also known for its anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, and appetite stimulation properties.

Our Favorite THC-P Vape Cartridges

We chose our favorite 3 brands that carry the new THC-P. These three brands have conducted extensive research and provide great safe, quality products.

Without further ado, let’s check some cartridges out.

Bay Smokes

Bay Smokes’ motto is to provide mild and perfectly balanced alternatives to high potency THC cannabis. They are proud of their not too strong yet not too weak catalog. 

Anything from their Delta 8, CBD, and now THC-P products are guaranteed to suit chill users without sacrificing quality and enjoyment. So if you feel like adding some balanced cannabis product to your daily life, Bay Smokes is for you.

Their THC-P cartridges also contain Delta 8 THC. This provides a unique effect from regular D8, as it gives a much fuller experience similar to a smoking flower. 

Some even say the blend is close to a sativa-dominant hybrid feel. Regardless, THC-P and Delta 8 have a synergistic effect and work better together than by themselves.

If you want to try some of their premium quality distillates, this Pineapple Express cartridge will give you a rich, full experience.

With a fruity yet floral flavor profile and some tropical and pine undertones, it will remind you of your last pina colada by the beach.


This LA-based company has proved its quality over and over. Binoid started with its superb quality and exceptional hemp-based products. Their famous CBD & Delta 8 THC cartridges are already a favorite, but their new THC-P line proves their premium feeling once again.

Their THC-P vape products are no joke. Binoid’s cartridges use THC-P distillate paired with their already known Delta 8 and several terpene strains.

As pioneers in hemp distillation for THC-P, we can vouch for their premium-feeling products, continuous quality, and fun flavors. 

With both indica, sativa, and hybrid-oriented distillates, their cartridges have descriptions that guide you towards different situations.

Whether you want to wind down with some Aurora Indica or have someone over with their Hybrid-based Fruit Loops, Binoid has you covered.

Delta Farms Vape

Delta Farms is a Southern California-based company that delivers Delta 8 and now THC-P products of the highest quality. Everything from their concentrates, edibles, flowers, tinctures to their vape cartridges 

Their cartridge products are a little different from the ones on the list. Although they mix THC-P and Delta 8 in some of their products, they created several cannabinoids that mimic different cannabis strains.

For instance, their “sativa” blend mixes THC-P, THC-V (another THC isomer), and Delta 8 THC for an energetic type of high. Their “hybrid” Blend uses the THC-P and Delta 8 mixture, and their “indica” blend uses THC-P, Delta 8, and CBN (another relaxing cannabinoid) for some couch-slouching goodness. 

These blends are made with “Daytime,” “Middle fo the Road,” and “Nighttime” in mind, suitable for different times and users. 

Be sure to pick the one that adapts to the mood of your day!

THC-P Effects

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So, we have talked about our favorite brands and cartridges, but what is the general effect of THC-P?

As an isomer of Delta 8, this hemp-extracted cannabinoid is a lot more potent than its relatives. This is because while testing, researchers found the isomer is up 33 times more effective at binding.

As with most THC isomers, our superpowerful buddy THC-P helps with most ailments that Delta 8 provides. It’s also different from CBD or other terpenes, as they do provide psychoactive effects and the “high” feeling some users experience recreationally.

They do, however, also carry out all the CBD positive benefits.

THC-P Benefits

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While studying its effects, researchers discovered some positive effects like hypomobility, pain relief, and decreased temperature. These are effects that most THC derivated cannabinoids have, but at a higher potency.

Other evidence supports their therapeutic use, like a potent sleep aid for insomnia or restlessness. This could be useful for users in high-stress situations, anxiety, chronic pain, or even depression.

Mixed with other compounds and cannabinoids, THC-P can provide sedating, energizing, or even soothing effects while consumed.


THC-P is a hemp-derived THC isomer that is here to stay. Thirty-three times stronger than its cousin, it can help different ailments and works very well paired with other cannabinoids.

Even when smoked through vaping, it can provide a whole flower-like experience when mixed. 

Now that you know its benefits and effects, you can try some with our three favorite brands that mix recreation with the compound’s best potential.

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