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Binoid THCV Vape Cartridge Review: The Best Way To Experience THCV

If you've ever been curious about trying THCV - a.k.a, diet weed - Binoid's vapes are the way to go. Here's what you should know about them. Created with Binoid.

Thanks to its multiple therapeutic properties and unique effects, THCV has become a favorite of many cannabis consumers.

Whether you’re an effect-seeking stoner like me, or a medical marijuana user looking for a particular type of relief or aid, we want to introduce you to this compound. And if you’re interested in trying it, we suggest you take a look at Binoid’s THCV vape cartridges.

Binoid produces amazing vape cartridges in a whole array of product lines, strains, cannabinoids, and whatever else you may think of.

We’ll be taking a look at their THCV + Delta 8 THC vape cartridges that are the bomb. Think about finding a super sativa that will elevate your mind to another form of consciousness!

What Is THCV

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Tetrahydrocannabivarin is a cannabis compound that is not too distant from THC and is found in trace amounts in many marijuana strains. THCV has a huge and unique list of effects and medicinal benefits that differentiate it from other cannabinoids like THC or CBD. 

Although THCV has a similar name to THC and its molecular structure and psychoactive properties are alike, there’s a whole variety of effects that differ from those generally associated with THCV’s cousin, THC. 

Also, remember THCV is quite rare, and there are only trace amounts in some particular strains. You might want to keep an eye out for African sativas, like Durban Poison. It’s also recommended to ask for test results and inquire about parent genetics. Cherry Pie, for instance, may express high THCV contents due to its lineage by way of its parent mentioned above. 

Some of the strains with higher than average THCV levels are Pineapple Purps, Jack the Ripper, Durban Poison and Durban Cheese, Skunk #1, and Red Congolese. This list is not limiting, there are many others, but some of the strains specifically bred to contain higher THCV levels.

THCV Effects

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Despite its structural similarity with THC, THCV has unique effects. Some are even contrary to those produced by its cousin.

For instance, THCV is an appetite suppressing cannabinoid. This substance can dull the appetite; it is recommended for consumers focusing on weight loss but avoided by those treating eating disorders or facing appetite loss already.

THCV may also assist in reducing panic attacks and appears to help curb anxiety without affecting or suppressing emotion. This cannabinoid is also effective in stimulating bone growth. It promotes the regeneration and development of new bone, so there’s an investigation into its use for osteoporosis and bone-related disorders or conditions. 

There is a lot of research going on regarding the benefits of THCV. For instance, THCV appears to improve or assist with tremors, motor control, and brain injuries associated with Alzheimer’s. There is also a lot of promise regarding THCV’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance for diabetes patients.

THCV For Mental Clarity

There are many things that need to be somewhat aligned and in order for mental clarity. It may also depend greatly and vary from person to person, but generally speaking, there are a few effects and benefits from THCV that may assist or support mental health. There’s still a lot of research going on, so these benefits might not happen to you.

Thus, aside from experience specific effects that occur when consuming that will lead or help with mental clarity, there are also long-term benefits. THCV may be beneficial to promote sleep or deal with sleep disorders, a huge and defining factor for the quality of life.

With lots of research on mental benefits, THCV has shown to be of assistance when dealing with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. There are also many antipsychotic effects that may improve cognitive performance, improve social behavior and normalize hyper locomotive activity.

All these effects and benefits will sum up to improve mental clarity and performance, This will be even better when combined with Delta 8 THC! Let’s take a look at Binoid THCV + Delta 8 THC vape cartridges.

THCV And Delta 8 THC Effects

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When you throw THCV and Delta 8 THC together, you get a fantastic product with incredible effects that are guaranteed to boost you up. This isn’t about a mind high that will make you feel inebriated, rather a tailored experience designed with a great mix of cannabinoids for optimum precision and consistency. 

Delta 8 THC has its own effects, a milder euphoric version of those caused by Delta 9 THC. When paired with measured amounts of THCV, CBD, and CBN, you get a refreshing daytime vibe.

What’s amazing is how more and more products are being developed to play with the entourage effect, that incredibly intricate ecosystem of cannabinoids that act together. When we start fine-tuning cannabinoids for our benefit, we achieve precise and controlled outcomes that are guaranteed to go smoothly with your endocannabinoid system.

Let’s take a look at Binoid’s THCV vape cart offering:

Candyland Strain

This sativa strain is fantastic for moments when you need an uplifting and energizing experience. Most users report feeling productive with effects of calmness, relaxation, and happiness. 

The Candyland cartridge will help you feel motivated and stimulated, plus with the benefit of body relief, there will be no obstacle in the way of that fantastic project you’re doing. These babies feature a tremendous strain and terpenes to give you a joyful and boosting user experience.

I’d pair these carts with a smooth social gathering or at times when I need a mental boost, like when working on a project or planning an event.

Sour Tangie Strain

The Sour Tangie carts feature an excellent sativa strain that is amazing for happiness, anxiety relief, and stress management. Users report feeling relaxed, motivated and focused.

These carts provide a positive and enjoyable experience that will allow mental clarity and a body relaxing relief. I could definitely use these when out on a hike or when I’m having a day when I need a little push, or when dealing with a new school project.

Purple Haze Strain

These carts are going to be your source of inspiration, creativity, and mental clarity. Perfect for designing, drawing, or testing a new menu, the Purple Haze vape cartridges feature an excellent sativa strain.

These cartridges will have you relaxed, uplifted, and inspired for creative tasks in a breeze. Some users report feeling happy, calm, and motivated, three essential things that will help in creative processes and projects.

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