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Cannabis Marketing Trends For 2023 That You Need To Know About

2023 is just around the corner, and with it, the marketing trends for the cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry is constantly changing and moving, showing no signs of slowing down as we inch toward 2023.

We’re not just talking about industry growth and increases in sales numbers—that’s almost bound to happen. We’re talking about a more aware and knowledgeable cannabis community, cutting-edge proposals, and perhaps legislative surprises.

Being up to date on the potential marketing trends of 2023 will give you the edge over the competition, so don’t hesitate to contact a specialized cannabis marketing team for an extra hand.

But let’s start with the potential overall cannabis industry trends for the coming year.

Increased Sales

We said it might be obvious, but it’s true. Sales for next year are set to increase significantly. To be part of the brands that will reap the rewards from their sales, the first step is a solid cannabis marketing strategy. If no one knows you, no one buys you. It’s that simple.

Take advantage and start launching your strategy this year. Prepare your team and your brand. Learn everything you need to know about cannabis marketing before jumping headfirst into it.


Here, we might be getting a bit sidetracked. Legalization doesn’t have much to do with marketing trends, does it?

The point is that we’re likely to have pleasant surprises as more states join the legalization wave, which means more markets to penetrate with your business. Did someone say opportunity?

For this, it’s essential to have a marketing strategy with an eye on regulations. You cannot leave aside the local, state, and federal regulations in order to market your business correctly. This will give you light on the road and enable you to create a solid marketing campaign in compliance with the law.

Product Variety, Strains & Cannabinoids

Take advantage of the creation or discovery of new cannabis elements. We’re talking about:

  • Innovative new products
  • Newly cultivated cannabis strains
  • The discovery of new cannabinoids for unique experiences

To name a few, cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, THCV, THCA, and CBN will become more relevant. Use them to your advantage.

Customer Diversity

With legalization comes acceptance. This means new age groups will join the community to experience the benefits of cannabis. For this reason, it’s possible that many people will start their relationship with cannabis, and you want to be there for them.

Likewise, you can expect a more informed consumer audience who knows about cannabis, so you should also have a team on the other side of the counter that knows what they’re talking about, knows the benefits of their strains and products, and can provide valuable information to your customers.

The same with having an informative blog on your website. This generates valuable content and attracts potential customers.

Cannabis Marketing Trends 2023

Now, what are the marketing trends expected for 2023 in the cannabis industry?

Cannabis & Celebrities

As you probably already know, for now, traditional marketing is a dead end for cannabis. But creativity characterizes this industry, and by 2023 we expect to see more partnerships between cannabis brands and celebrities.

Alliances between celebrities and cannabis brands are something that gives the market and potential consumers confidence in the product and will generate mutual recognition. In fact, many entertainment personalities have launched their own cannabis or CBD brands.

marketing tactic that includes celebrity engagement will be an ace up the sleeve for cannabis companies looking to gain recognition and open up to larger audiences. Getting a celebrity involved can be a game-changer because it lends legitimacy and inspires consumer confidence.

We’re not saying it’s easy, but if you have an established brand with a clear DNA, it will be easier to find a celebrity that resonates with your message.

If your budget is not unlimited, like most mortals, you can opt for similar techniques that don’t need excessively famous people. This is ideal for engaging with small or medium influencers known in the area of affluence of your business.

Getting started is the important thing, and if you can create strategic alliances that add value to your brand with small influencers that resonate with your brand, you’re sure to do well.

Think Outside The Box

Innovation is the key to success. When it comes to the products that the brand may eventually offer, thinking outside of flowers and vapes could be key to standing out from the sea of competitors.

Consumers are attracted to beverages, edibles beyond gummies and brownies, infused products, and other manufactured cannabis products that are different from the familiar.

One way to market differently is to innovate with products and launch them to a market hungry for new things. This also includes having differentiating packaging. In this industry, standing out is good, and being different brings in customers.

Use Techniques That Work

If something works, don’t change it. Different marketing techniques will still be completely valid in the year 2023 when it comes to cannabis advertising.

Thinking about cannabis SEO is fundamental, taking into account your technical and local side, as well as quality content, valuable backlinks, and the whole universe of things that this implies.

Still, using the old traditional techniques will remain a way to succeed, like print and billboard advertising. It may seem outdated, but the numbers don’t lie, and its effectiveness is considerable.

Don’t forget to validate local, state, and federal regulations. Above all, regulations can change at a moment’s notice.

Promote Wellness

Beyond selling cannabis or CBD, you must sell what your customers need. Currently, and especially in the next year, there will be an incredible demand for wellness and everything related to being well.

Everywhere you look, everyone wants wellness, and they are looking for it in different products. Leveraging this market need to your advantage can make all the difference.

Cannabis wellness marketing can be promoted as tools to improve overall health and wellness. Although in legal terms, you can’t make claims of guaranteed results or medical solutions. There are many creative ways to convey the relaxation and wellness benefits of the product.

Also, take into account your target audience to launch a wellness-focused strategy. Do not neglect the knowledge of your market.

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