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Why Marijuana Packaging Matters And How To Do It Right

Good packaging not only protects your products but it's also key to growing your cannabis business.

The color, structure, logo, calligraphy, shape, and overall quality of the packaging are fundamental parts of a brand. They are the graphic representation of what you want to express about your cannabis company.

The cannabis industry is all the rage right now. In the U.S, Canada, and worldwide, cannabis is claiming its space, and the industry has its arms open to welcome all. But this implies a challenge for cannabis brands that want to make their place in the market, which all have the same goal: to stand out.

There are many things you can do to grow your cannabis brand. Read below why high-quality and distinct packaging is one of them.

Why Marijuana Packaging Matters

Imagine you walk into a cannabis dispensary and find hundreds of products. Which one do you grab first?

Most likely, the one that stands out in a sea of average jars. That brings us to the importance of packaging and ensuring consumers can not only recognize your brand, but it attracts them in the first place.

It’s essential for your cannabis brand to ensure that both the brand and your products stand out and are easily recognizable and, above all, remembered.

Believe it or not, packaging dramatically influences consumers’ purchasing decisions. Hence its great importance. Great packaging is essential for a product, and a brand, to be successful.

Quality cannabis packaging is crucial because it’s the first impression consumers will have of your brand and your product. It also serves as a means of transmitting information and protecting the product itself.

The Purposes Of Quality Packaging

To stand out: Countless brands compete for the customer’s attention; a captivating package already gives you a significant advantage over others.

Brand recognition and recall: the colors, style, logo, and other features that are embodied in the packaging will not only make it stand out but will also make it memorable. This means that consumers who’ve purchased your memorable products think of buying more cannabis. Their mind goes to you.

Information: The packaging is the customer’s first interaction with a brand and product. It also serves as an information channel for whatever you want to share.

The product packaging has to make clear what is inside and how to use it. At the same time, you must comply with the current regulations in your area for the sale and packaging of cannabis.

Basically, you must design a package that attracts customers and stands out from the crowd while complying with the law and sharing all the necessary information about your product.

Protection: A package doesn’t just have to be pretty and eye-catching; it has to be useful. The purpose of packaging is to protect the cannabis product and preserve it for whenever the consumer is ready to open it.

Consider the type of product you want to market and which packaging will protect it the most.

Quality Cannabis Packaging Should Be:

Thoughtfully Designed

A good package has to have a good design. The first impression is important, and the outer packaging is the customers’ first experience with the product.

This is where several elements come into play, such as:

  • Logo
  • Typeface
  • Colors
  • Language
  • Texture

In packaging design, you have the opportunity to connect with your target audience. Having fun creating it is a way to create a lasting bond that your brand’s consumers will surely value.


High-end cannabis packaging can be minimalist, elegant, or extravagant, but it should always be made of high-quality materials. And this is the second element, the quality of the packaging.

There is no point in packaging with a great design if it is made with poor quality or defective-looking materials. The last thing you want is for consumers to complain about how the packaging failed to do its one job.


A hot topic today is sustainability, which you will have to consider when designing your packaging.

Using eco-friendly packaging could be a big plus to your brand, which will not only attract consumers who are conscious of their impact on the environment, but the brand will be helping the environment in the process.

Many companies are working towards sustainability by using recycled glass, plant-based plastics, plastics recovered from the ocean, and other sustainable materials that contribute to a circular economy.

Using eco-friendly packaging is a powerful way to show that your brand cares and can help you stand out. Want your customers to be able to reuse your packaging? Invest in quality packaging that stands up to reuse and indicate this on the label.


When considering the packaging of cannabis products, it is very important to consider the product’s safety. This includes:

  • Child safety/proofing
  • Tampering safety
  • Seal safety


Good packaging not only has all of the above, but it is also functional. Functionality includes being relatively easy to open and close. By understanding what the product is for, you can design your packaging to better support it and have functional features that make the consumer’s time easier.

Types Of Cannabis Packaging

Photo by OCS

As mentioned, good packaging is not only part of the brand and the presentation of your products. It’s also the protection that will maintain the quality of the products you want to sell in your brand.

There are many types of cannabis containers available, each of which offers its own advantages, designed to store specific products. Some of the most common packagings, at least in container form, are:

Glass Jars: Glass containers are perhaps one of the most popular choices. They are aesthetically appealing, allow you to see the product, and when airtight, they maintain the quality of the product for a more extended period of time. They are often used to store both cannabis flowers, and even cannabis concentrates that might stick to other types of containers.

Silicone Jars: Suitable for short-term storage, as they are not airtight. And always make sure it is medical grade silicone.

Mylar Bags: They are airtight and light resistant. They are also odor-proof, which makes them very attractive to customers. They are ideal for packaging cannabis buds but probably not the best choice for packaging other products, such as cannabis concentrates.

Herb's Tip: Define Your Target Audience

Who is your ideal customer? Who are you going to sell your products to? Knowing the answer to these questions is essential when creating and marketing your cannabis packaging and brand.

Once you have the answers, you can think about packaging that appeals to that particular niche. At this point, it’s a good idea to have an experienced team to advise you on the process and get the desired result.

Understanding who wants to buy your cannabis products lets you create packaging that reflects them and their values.

Legal Matters

Although marijuana use has been legalized in most states, it is still highly regulated, and cannabis packaging is no exception.

Each state has its own guidelines and considerations regarding the packaging of cannabis products. For example, each state includes lists of specific information that must be incorporated into each package. There are also restrictions on the appearance of the packaging, such as whether it must be opaque.

It’s in your favor to research the requirements of the state where you intend to market the products before you start planning the packaging. As a safety precaution, always go for the most restrictive option; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Also, states may change their packaging requirements in the future, potentially tightening the rules with minimal notice. Adopting the most stringent packaging requirements from the start is ideal, even if you are not yet required to do so.

Some of the most common regulations for cannabis packaging in all states – or that may eventually implement them – are:

  • Be child-resistant
  • Be opaque
  • Disclose THC concentration and all ingredients
  • Cultivation information
  • The packaging of edibles should not be similar to that of commercially available edibles
  • Include a warning about potential health risks (some states have their own standard warning)
  • Should not be designed to appeal to minors

Staying on top of all these regulations can be a challenge. That’s why it may be a good idea to hire professionals with experience in the cannabis industry.


Product branding and packaging are vital to the success of a cannabis brand. Getting it right from the start will give you a huge advantage in the cannabis market and save you headaches with the authorities.

Good cannabis product packaging can help you:

  • Highlight products
  • Make it easier for customers to find your product quickly and remember it easily
  • Visually represent the brand and its voice
  • Protect the product

Many businesses may find it helpful to use professionals with cannabis business experience to facilitate this process.

Leading cannabis brands create and consolidate their relationship with customers through well-designed, quality packaging that is environmentally friendly and efficient but also protects and enhances the product. Consider this when thinking about your cannabis brand’s packaging.

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