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Learn | 01.21.2022

Going Green: Meet Stiiizy’s New Sustainable Packaging

This brand is helping the industry go pun intended.

You’ve probably had a cartridge or two from the pod market leader in California and the third best-selling brand in the country, Stiiizy.

Because of the company’s vast success in the cannabis vaping market, this results in excessive packaging to millions of consumers nationwide.

Stiiizy quickly realized the amount of waste they produced each year and decided to do something about it.

The company recently turned to a more environmentally friendly approach and redesigned its packaging to be recyclable, plastic-free, and use less material in total.

Shyrne Group (parent holding company of Stiiizy) marketing director Jackie Kim said in a press release that Stiiizy’s efforts and implementations “in becoming a green, environmentally conscious company is a mindset we want to bring to all our efforts.”

Some new changes Stiiizy made to their product packaging include a new inner tray using fewer materials, making for a significantly smaller package.

Furthermore, Stiiizy added a new QR code to help consumers find information online that was once included in a user guide, reducing the use of paper.

The company also placed the strain’s name on the front of a package while moving the child-resistant and tamper-evident mechanisms to the back, allowing the left side batch labels to double as tamper-evident labels, according to Bussiness Newswire.

Photo courtesy of STIIIZY

These redesigned labels also come with a holographic authentification sticker.

One of the leading sources of waste in the cannabis industry today is the many disposable vapes and cartridges that often carry different materials that aren’t recyclable.

Stiiizy realized this and created a collection program in its DTLA location which takes batteries and pods out of the user’s hands and breaks them down for proper disposal and recycling.

Stiiizy encourages consumers to look for metal recyclers for their vape pens and cartridges if outside of Los Angeles.

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