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Learn | 01.19.2022

How To Correctly Dispose Of Used Pens & Pods

Do your part and dispose of your vaping products the right way. Created with Stiiizy.

When vaping cannabis products like a quality disposable or cartridge from Stiiizy, all is good and well until you’re left wondering how to dispose of the product.

We’ve collaborated with Stiiizy to create this guide on properly disposing of your vaping products.  

Vape accessories like rechargeable batteries, cartridges, and disposables can cause significant harm to the environment if not disposed of properly.

The liquid inside a cartridge or disposable vape mustn’t be flushed down the sink/toilet or thrown in the trash.

Inside these vapes are liquids that we shouldn’t absorb through the skin or swallow, so it’s a given that these liquids could pose a threat to wildlife. 

Photo courtesy of Stiiizy

Every state and some local agencies have different guidelines about disposing of vape products, so make sure to check with your state and local environmental agencies for information on how to dispose of these products.

For starters, do not rinse the cartridge of its liquid to remove the remaining content. The water will become hazardous waste and eventually be absorbed by the earth or animals.

Make sure to handle any open liquid with caution, as you could expose yourself to unwanted chemicals that shouldn’t come in contact with the skin. Now that we’ve got all the “don’ts” out of the way…let’s get to the “dos.”

Take your items to a hazardous waste facility that correctly handles them. Before doing so, here are a few steps on how to pack and deliver your items:

  1. Place your vape products like batteries and liquids in a sealed container and store them in a cool temperature-controlled environment.
  2. Label the container as hazardous waste to help the facility properly dispose of it. Make sure to turn off all batteries before disposal.
  3. Deliver the sealed container to a facility like TerraCycle. 

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TerraCycle is a social enterprise “Eliminating the Idea of Waste,” notes their website.

The enterprise discovered that we can recycle almost anything we come in contact with; TerraCycle even collects items that we would typically throw in the trash.

The company currently offers various programs that allow us to recycle any and all waste we can think of.

Find out more about TerraCycle’s environmental recycling programs here

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