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Flowermate v5.0s Mini Review: Everything You Need To Know

The mini version of this Flowermate device has the same power but in an easy pocketable unit.

Photo courtesy of Flowermate

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Flowers give the world joy and beauty, every flower needs some sun, and the stars burn bright around the v5.0s Mini Portable Vaporizer by Flowermate. The first thing you notice holding it is its small size and lightweight.

Like for real, this friend is super tiny at only 84 mm high, 44 mm wide, and 19 mm wide. It weighs less than 90 grams and fits in your pocket just fine. This vape is perfect for carrying around as it is very discreet since it looks like a power bank.

Here’s everything there is to know about it.



v5.0s Mini Portable Vaporizer

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This compact, small, yet mighty vaporizer delivers big hits in a tiny package.

The Flowermate V5 Mini has a ceramic heating chamber and a glass mouthpiece, which bring a fantastic flavor. It has a digital display that indicates battery levels, and the battery will give you approximately 75 minutes of vaporization. Also, a great perk of this tiny friend is that it charges up pretty fast, so you won’t wait long to enjoy your weed.

With three temperature settings and single button action, this thing will satisfy even the pickiest of vape heads. As a matter of the temperature, it will take just 30 seconds to reach the desired temperature, a range in between 104°F – 446°F (40°C – 230°C).

Depending on your preference, you can swap Celsius to Fahrenheit by pressing the + and – buttons (the two identical buttons towards the bottom) simultaneously.

fl uses conduction heating and direct-draw to bring satisfying loads of creamy vapor. It has massive dual battery power, is a travel-friendly machine, and provides long sessions with all the quality expected from Flowermate.

How To Use

Photo courtesy of Flowermate

This device is excellent to use with any flower. You can adjust the temperature by degree, giving you precise temperature control for your weed. And the best part is the price; it is not expensive for all the features it has.

Using the Flowermate V5. OS Mini is super easy. First, you want to take out the glass mouthpiece from the device. You need to slide the airflow and adjust the plastic cap all the way open to do that.

Next, place a larger screen at the bottom of your chamber. The box comes in two kinds. The vaporizer comes with dosing capsules, also called ‘pods’ or ‘canisters.’ You can choose to use your vaporizer with or without them.

The Flowermate also has two filling canisters; one is for dry herbs, while the other is for concentrates and waxes. For the concentrates pod, you’ll need to place a little piece of organic wool inside. Keep that in mind.

Even if you’re dosing capsules or packs straight into the chamber, it’s best if you pack your herbs loosely, as you’ll do with any other vaporizer. Once you have your herbs loaded, fire up your vaporizer by pressing the power button five times. Then, hold the same button for 2 to 3 seconds to start the heating-up process.

Depending on your setting, it should take just about 30 seconds. Before you realize it, your Flowermate Mini Pro is heated up and ready for you to use.


Photo courtesy of Flowermate

This tiny and powerful vape is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates right out of the box. A genuinely great well-built device that has excellent performance and can be used with all types of cannabis. Available in blue and black.

It’s an outstanding deal for the price it has. A true shining flower!

  • Dual 18650 Batteries
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Variable Temperature Settings 385F – 415F
  • Dry Herb Pod
  • Wax Pod
  • USB Charger
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Manufacturer Warranty
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September 28, 2021
Written by Valentina Yepes
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September 28, 2021
Written by Valentina Yepes

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