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Island PAX Pods Review: Mellow, Sweet & Smooth

The accurate temperature control offered by the PAX device is prime means to enjoy Island’s pure cannabis experiences.

As a brand, Island wants to be California through and through. Their sunny disposition and commitment to their local grows, which are perpetually in harvest, make their story credible. They combine indoor and outdoor farming and take advantage of the year-round sun to ensure the quality of their flower regardless of weather or season.

Although there are many ways to enjoy Island’s produce, their PAX pods have the edge on convenience and discretion, owing to the PAX device’s accurate temperature control and even consumption of concentrate.

Island Blackberry OG PAX Pod Review


Island has long stood out for its branding and package design, which once again stands out in its PAX pods. Solid presentation aside, you’re in for no surprises with these pods, as they feature PAX’s proprietary design: smart and compact with 0.5 g of concentrate to enjoy.


This loud indica strain is set to leave you suspended in a state of unmoving pleasure. Its glassy and snoozy head high primes you for rest and leisure, while the tingling body high hits with wave after wave of distension. Blackberry OG is a perfect nighttime or weekend strain to let go of worries and enjoy comfort.


A puff from this pod will fill the room with a fruity aroma, feel the notes of berries and citrus from this OG classic. The scent will feel most potent in your mouth as it emanates from your mouth, fresh and fruity. PAX devices are notorious for their discrete delivery, so don’t expect to rip massive clouds with this one.


You can truly savor the all-natural terpenes packed into this concentrate as you drag on and hold the delicate smoke in your mouth. Once again, you’ll feel hints of berries and citrus, but your tastebuds will also spot notes of skunk and pine on the aftertaste. This is a flavorful strain well adapted to the PAX form factor.


Island strives for perfection when it comes to their flower, and they carefully select the optimal plants for harvest. To this effect, they take a hard look at the plant’s structure that ensures appropriate moisture content for easy smoking, an elevated trichome production for added potency, and a consistent density. All this attention to detail shows in the purity and power locked within this PAX pod.


Island also takes safety seriously, and they submit their flower to strict testing in order to guarantee it’s the real deal. The three rounds of third-party testing all work in tandem to ensure the absence of heavy metals, insecticides, or pesticides.


Island’s Blackberry OG pod for the PAX device is a distinct offering that’s one of the best vape reincarnations of this enigmatic strain. Its loud fruity flavoring and berry aromas are a sensory treat that enhances the smoking experience, and the effects can be felt strongly after a few puffs.

This is a great addition for any owners of the PAX device looking to add some variety to their pod lineup.

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