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guides | 01.17.2020

5 Tips For When You Get Pulled Over With Weed

This guide will hopefully get you through times when you know law enforcement will be able to smell your weed, and your last attempt is to hide your stash.

For every person that can freely enjoy cannabis without worrying about prosecution, there are hundreds of others that could have their lives turned upside down if ever caught by the police. So for those who don’t live in a pot-friendly state or country, what are your options when the police pull you over? This guide will hopefully get you through times when you know law enforcement will be able to smell your cannabis, and your last attempt is to hide your stash. If done properly, you can avoid a criminal record or possibly even some jail time.

1. Avoid excessive air freshener and cologne

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For any experienced police officer, pulling over a car that smells like a Hawaiian breeze is a telltale sign that something is trying to be covered up.

Your best option for quickly dissipating the smell of cannabis is to throw out any finished blunts or joints and then open your windows are much as possible. This is the same for cologne or perfume, too much and people start to get suspicious.

2. Always have some eye drops handy

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It doesn’t matter how good you are at pretending that you aren’t high, if you look the part, the cops will probably search you. So always have some eye drops to make sure that the police cannot use that as an excuse to look through your belongings.

3. Respect goes a long way

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Right from the get-go, if you can treat the police officer with the utmost respect, the majority will reciprocate. Now, this isn’t to say that you should be overly nice, as that could come off as suspicious.

4. Don’t be afraid to state your rights

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These laws vary across the world, but in many countries, it is illegal for a police officer to search your belongings without a valid reason to. So make sure you understand the rules of your country and don’t be afraid to speak up if an officer forgets your rights. It’s also a good idea to film the discourse just in case something shady happens.

5. Remember, it’s totally safe to swallow weed

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If you find yourself with no viable options to hide your small bag of weed, then swallowing it may be your best bet. As long as you have some kind of drink to help it go down, this trick can save you from a potentially live altering possession charge.

And don’t worry, you aren’t going to get super high like as if you took an edible. The THC in cannabis flower needs to be heated to a certain temperature for it to be released.

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