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Everything You Need To Know About The Valencene Terpene

Here's the complete guide to this citric terpene.

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In reality, once we look at it, terpenes are what make a strain or a plant unique, and no two plants (perhaps excluding clones, obviously) are alike, entirely.

Let’s take a look at the valencene terpene, highly valued and favored for some of its effects and properties.

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What Is A Terpene?

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Terpenes are chemical molecules present in plants, and these are a large group of volatile, unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants. These molecules are the way plants respond and interact with the environment, so these substances are highly interactive.

You are probably familiar with terpenes if you have ever heard of or read about the entourage effect. Suppose you’re just starting to learn about this remarkable part of the plant; you want to understand what terpenes are

Whatever your level of expertise is, terpenes are somewhat undervalued and taken for granted, with cannabinoids taking all the focus. Terps are responsible for the taste and aroma of cannabis. However, these molecules work in tandem with other compounds present in cannabis or hemp to trigger more powerful effects. 

There might be more than twenty thousand varieties and types of terpenes that appear in nature. They have identified at least two hundred in cannabis, making the combination and possibility of results almost endless. 

Valencene Terpene

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Terpenes are fascinating and complex molecules, and their presence will define aroma, taste, and some effects that give each strain their identity or character. Valencene is a rare terpene found in some cannabis strains but is found available in Valencia oranges. 

Valencene has a flavor and aroma profile that, at a glance, might relate to that of limonene, although the latter is a monoterpene, while the former is a sesquiterpene. What changes, basically, is the rarity, structure, and complexity of the terpene.

Valencene is a terpene of rich citrusy and orange notes, making it sweet, tangy, and somewhat earthy. What differentiates these similar notes from those produced by limonene is that aside from the distinct sour edge, the sweet orange is unique.

The effects associated with valencene are pretty positive, described as feelings of euphoria, uplifting, and mood elevation. One of the characteristics of valencene that I find most interesting is that it may be a natural and powerful insecticide. 

Valencene Terpene Benefits

There are many possible effects and benefits associated with valencene. However, it is essential to note that this lesser-known terpene might still need some study and research to understand its full potential. 

So far, research has shown that valencene has different effects and properties that may be very beneficial, take a look below. Aside from those we will mention, valencene may also promote cognitive function and help with alertness.

Skin Protectant

This terpene present in essential oils like those of nutgrass might help combat the photoaging effects of UV rays from the sun. This terpene is believed to be vital in reducing melanogenesis, but there is much study left to be conducted. 

Studies have shown that the topic application of valencene improves atopic dermatitis and itchiness, and it may even be effective for the modulation of the skin’s inflammatory response. 


Valencene has shown promising results in labs with mice when it comes to testing its anti-inflammatory properties. Fortunately, this is something most terpenes have in common, and we may trust that valencene has anti-inflammatory properties. 


Valencene is a bronchodilator, meaning it can have anti-allergic properties, there is still a lot to study regarding this, but it does not mean you should smoke a couple of puffs if you feel a rash.

Efficacy Of Chemotherapy Drug

There has been a constant link between marihuana and the easing of ailments from chemo or radiotherapy. However, when a study on various terpenes and their effectiveness with improving therapeutic action of doxorubicin, valencene appears to be the most potent terpene.

Strains & Products With High Valencene Terpene

Cannaflower Rainbow Sherbet Flower


Rainbow Sherbet

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The Cannaflower Rainbow Sherbet is an uplifting sativa strain that is a fan favorite due to its taste and aroma. Expect an uplifting and mood-elevating user experience that will delight your palate and mind.

This strain has a sweet, fruity, and sour taste profile that will have your mouth watering by just grinding a few nugs.

Hempcy Rainbow Sour Belt Gummies

The Hempcy CBD Rainbow Sour Belt gummies are tasty treats that have amazing calming and relaxing effects. These babies are perfect for ending a busy day or week and taking a break from stress, anxiety, and tension. Allow yourself to decompress with these sour CBD-infused gummies.

Binoid Tangie Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

The Tangie strain is very well known for being a sativa that blasts your mind into euphoria and bliss, thus many favor it and love the orange tangy flavor. Binoid produces these amazing cartridges, and you can get all the benefits associated with valencene due to the premium naturally sourced terps used. 

November 16, 2021
Written by Seb Jaramillo
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November 16, 2021
Written by Seb Jaramillo
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