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Guides | 07.28.2022

Where To Find Medical & Recreational Weed In New York City

Discussing marijuana's legal status in New York, where to find it, and how to get a prescription for medical cannabis.

For tourists, perhaps one of the most intimidating cities on the planet is New York; from the neighborly rats to the constant foot traffic, it can all seem pretty hectic. Why not take things down a notch and relax with help from New York state’s recent cannabis laws, allowing you to possess and use the plant at your own leisure. Below, we’ve created a guide to help you find cannabis, recreational and medicinal, in New York City.

Is Week Legal In New York?

Photo by Patrick Chin

Medical Marijuana has been legal in New York for quite some time, and its positive impact on patients may have been what spurred the state to adopt recreational legalization. It was about this time last year that the state had passed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, and while it’s gained legal status since then, dispensaries are finally appearing after such a long transition period. However, most might not begin selling recreational goods until July 22.

Best Cannabis Dispensaries In NYC


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If you’re looking for a more luxurious and upscale shopping experience, head to MedMen in Manhatten. If you’re a medical patient, there are doctors on site ready to write you a prescription during a consultation. Even if you’re a recreational user, you’ll definitely find something at MedMen to help you wait for full-fledged recreational sales.


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Brighten your days with the balanced medical cannabis at Sunnyside dispensary. This storefront has three operations in the state, with one in Brooklyn, New York. The dispensary’s website holds cannabis education as a priority and hopes to enlighten consumers on the plant’s benefits for varying conditions with help from its wide array of products.

Empire Cannabis Club

Photo courtesy of Empire Cannabis Club

If all of the above dispensaries don’t cut it (because they’re not recreational), don’t sweat because New York’s first-ever legal recreational dispensary is finally here. Empire Cannabis Club offers a concierge service to members, which falls under legal lines and allows the transfer of cannabis (acquired by skilled cultivators and distributors) through memberships without profit.

Guide To Empire Cannabis Club NYC

Did Empire Cannabis Club catch your attention? Ours too, which is why we’d like to help you get your hands on some dank recreational kush in busy New York City. The company’s website reads that a membership is all you need to receive the various high-end strains and products. First, start by creating an account and activating a membership, then scroll through the company’s vast product lines and check out. Empire Cannabis Club offers delivery to those in New York City, which you can read more about here.

Medical Marijuana Doctors NYC

Finding a registered medical marijuana practitioner in New York is a very straightforward process, but you need to look in the right places. If you’re eligible for medical cannabis in New York, the best way to get a prescription is through MMJ Doctor online. You don’t even have to leave your home to receive a medical card, and the entire evaluation doesn’t take longer than half an hour. We encourage you to check out the complete process MMJ Doctor offers, which you can find here.

Feel Good Delivers

Born under the star of weed on 4/20 of this year, this mobile dispensary is now easily spotted rolling through Brooklyn, spreading joy like an ice cream truck.

This is Feel Good Delivers, they’re stocked up on all sorts of cannabis products from the country’s leading brands, and they’ll get them to you under an hour, so long as you’re within a 3-mile radius of Williamsburg. If you’re running low on herb, hit them up via SMS or through their upcoming website, and allow them to get the high directly to you.

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