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learn | 01.01.2022

5 Products That Will Elevate Every Glass Collection

Dr. Dabber is mostly known for vape pens, but their collection has grown to include glass and accessories that will definitely get your attention.

The Dr. is in, which means your glass collection is going to elevate, just like you will be when you’ve finished smoking. That’s because the team behind Dr. Dabber – who specialize in vape pens, accessories, and glass – have done the hard work to make sure your smoking experience will be as good as it can be. While Dr. Dabber was mostly known for its vape pens, that reputation is has grown to includes the company’s collection of glass and accessories that will definitely get your attention, five of which are featured below. Remember, you can always trust the Doctor.

1. Diamond Perc Glass Rig – $199.95

Why is the Diamond Glass Perc Rig at numero uno? Because as the centerpiece of the exclusive Dr. Dabber Diamond Glass Series, this hand-blown percolator rig is made of high-quality borosilicate, with an intricate percolation system designed to maximize airflow through water filtration – and it is made in the States, too.

It also happens to be the largest in the Diamond Series, measuring 13.5-inches tall and 3.75-inhces at the base.

2. The Dr. Dabber Recycler Rig – $ 139.95

The Dr. Dabber Diamond Glass Recycler Rig, right here, is the only recycler in the Diamond Series. And, just like the Diamond Perc rig, it is also made in the United States.

The water filtration system uses a combo of five small percolating spheres, along with a recycling chamber, which creates a super smooth flow of air. You can be sure that the Recycler also works as well as it looks, too.

3. Mini Glass Rig – 139.99

Don’t judge anything by its size, as even though the Dr. Dabber Diamond Glass Mini Rig is the smallest (at just 8.5-inches tall), it is actually the most intricate of the Diamond Series. The Mini, which is also made in the USA, is a percolator rig made of high-quality borosilicate that utilizes five small percolating spheres that allows for smooth airflow and effortless filtration.

In short, the Mini-Banger is the most portable rig in the range.

4. Custom Boost Glass Recycler Attachment – $139.95

If you’re already a proud owner of a Boost eRig, Dr. Dabber’s battery-powered portable dab rig, you might be looking for an upgrade. That is easily done in the form of a Dr. Dabber Recycler Attachment. The hand-blown glass percolating filtration system – that is, you guessed it, made in the USA – is specifically designed for the Boost eRig.

Just like the Boost eRig, the attachment is simple to use; all you have to do is fill it with water and attach it to your rig. By doing so, you’ll enjoy your oils and waxes in the best possible way, with the attachment helping deliver some large hits that are still easily manageable.

And being limited to just 100 units, you could say that the attachment will be in demand, by the cannabis connoisseur.

5. Dr. Dabber Recycler Pendant – $99.95

The Dr. Dabber Recycler Pendant is not only functional, helping give the smoothest and cleanest vapor, but also fashionable, as it is able to be worn as a pendant. The glass recycling filtration system, which will fit on any battery that has a 510 threading, is hand-blown, meaning that each individual piece will be unique.

Check out more of Dr. Dabber’s impressive glass collection, and other products, on their website.

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