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5 Reasons Why Couples Who Smoke Together Have More Orgasms

Sure, pot may not be the answer to all your prayers. But when it comes to having endless, mind-blowing orgasms, weed has your back.

Want to know the secret to having better orgasms? Smoke weed. It’s true; couples who smoke together have an out-of-this-world sex life. Not only are the orgasms more intense, but they also are more frequent. Aside from sex, couples that get high together also have a tighter bond. Sure, pot may not be the answer to all your prayers. But when it comes to having endless, mind-blowing orgasms, weed has your back. In case you’re not convinced, here are four reasons why couples that smoke together have more orgasms.

1. They aren’t afraid to get it on

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It’s no secret that weed relieves anxiety. And when it comes to fun times in the bedroom, or wherever your heart desires, it can help in that department as well.

Some say people who smoke pot experience increased anxiety. But according to Lecia Bushak on Medical Daily, frequent users rarely report bad experiences and tend to puff to relieve any anxiety they may have. In other words, weed helps you not to be so damn nervous before you get it on.

Of course, the strains you choose to toke on, as well as the dose, play a big part. For example, you’re probably not going to want to roll up a potent, couch-locking indica, like Alien Dawg, before sex. However, a strain like Sexxpot is low in THC but is like an herbal viagra for women.

2. Women achieve orgasms easier

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According to Planned Parenthood statistics, 1 in 3 women has trouble reaching orgasm during sex. But with the help of the trusty herb, it’s never been easier.

In fact, when you toke, it affects your brain’s CB1 receptor. And once that receptor is triggered, that’s when you really start to get in the mood, according to Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a psychology professor at SUNY Albany,

That CB1 receptor seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria.

So, ladies, if you’re ever having trouble getting that mind-blowing orgasm you deserve, just hit the ganja a few times. Your partner certainly won’t complain.

3. Weed makes orgasms more intense and they last longer

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There’s a fine line between having an orgasm and having an out-of-this-world orgasm. While speaking with Maureen O’Connor of NY Mag’s The Cut, a man noted that pot makes it seem like his orgasms last longer. He also mentioned that some of his best orgasms happened while stoned,

Pot tends to make time move slowly for me. Orgasms seem to last for 30 seconds and are incredibly intense. The best orgasms I’ve ever had have been while stoned, whether with another person or solo.

4. Cannabis is an aphrodisiac

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For awhile now, weed has been known as an aphrodisiac. In fact, there is evidence that suggests it was used for that very purpose as early as the 7th century in India. According to a 1998 Cannabis Culture article, the herb came in handy in more ways than one,

The Indian Ayurvedic and Unani Tibbi medicine systems used cannabis to increase libido, conquer impotence, cure various diseases… produce long-lasting erections, delay ejaculation, facilitate lubrication and loosen inhibitions.

5. Enhanced sex


To sum it all up, astronomer Carl Sagan said it best,

Cannabis also enhances the enjoyment of sex – on the one hand it gives an exquisite sensitivity, but on the other hand it postpones orgasm: in part by distracting me with the profusion of image passing before my eyes.

The actual duration of orgasm seems to lengthen greatly, but this may be the usual experience of time expansion which comes with cannabis smoking.

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