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The Deew Box – The Ultimate Weed Travel Kit

The Deew Box (which we, along with some experts, realize is ‘Weed’ backwards..) holds everything you need in the ultimate weed organizer.

Whether you’re heading to the mountains, or off to catch some rays at the beach, or simply heading to a buddy’s place, we always like to invite our bestie, Mary Jane. 

Now, we could pre-roll a bunch of J’s before hitting the road, and for some this is the preference. But others love the ritual of rolling the perfect joint while high on that mountain top, or bathing in sun at the beach.
Introducing the Deew Box
The Deew Box (which we, along with some experts, figured out is ‘Weed’ backwards..) stores everything you need in the ultimate weed organizer.

An inventive individual, by the name of Branden Drebing, has developed a very handy ‘weed organizer’, if you will, to help keep all your essential weed related .. stuff ..  together in one tidy spot. Ready to grab at a moments notice.

How can you get your hands on a Deew Box?
Mr Drebing is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to develop and produce the Deew Box.  You can order your own, over at kickstarter.com. Drebing is looking for $135,000, which is a little on the steep side, but if you  think The Deew Box is cool, head over and grab one.

About the Deew Box

The Deew Box is a revolutionary office supply storage box designed with the user in mind. It organizes and stores all of the essentials in a sleek and efficient manner. Perfect for use in your office, your living room, or even on the go in your car.

Watch the video on their Kickstarter page


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