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learn | 01.08.2020

The Finest Example Of DIY Hydroponics

The video below is one of the finest examples of breaking down the steps for DIY hydroponics, and helping you budget to the last penny!

Give it up to the guys at GrowGeeks! The video below is one of the finest examples of breaking down a grow item-by-item, and helping you budget to the last penny!

The Excel spreadsheet has prices, item names, and links to every one on Amazon. The ultimate one-stop shopping list for a complete one or two room grow setup.


With the custom nutrient mixing instructions Grow Geeks provides, your hydroponic system will produce massive buds, and at a fraction of the cost of even wholesale commercial products.


A detailed explanation of where and why to use CFL’s and LED’s for maximum, controlled growth and energy cost efficiency. These guys have bought them all, and they share their hard earned knowledge with you so you don’t have to make the same costly mistakes.

Grow hacks from the video:

In the winter, save on cooling costs by pumping in cold outside air rather than running AC. It will lower your electric bill and keep AC units from freezing.

  • Lumens (units of light intensity/brightness) drop in concentration as the distance between the light source and the plants increases. For CFL’s, keep lights 3 – 4 inches from the plants, and for LED’s, 10 – 12.
  • CFL’s spray light in all directions, causing plants to grow wide and bushy, which is great for the vegetative state. LED’s focus light in a direct column, which will make plants shoot straight up, better for flowering stage.
  • PVC pipe frames are easy to set up, cost efficient, and save the hassle of drilling into walls and ceilings. They also allow you to put a great ScrOG net across grow areas.

Why I am taking notes, and you should be too!

Growers know that there are a variety of factors that come into play when it comes to yield expectancy. Genetics, environment, nutrients, light, plant training, and grow time being the major ones.

All other factors going smoothly, most will agree you can expect to yield about half a gram per watt of light. Jason Cox of Grow Geeks has tried many different lights and nutrients over the years, and on this video he shares his vast stores of knowledge so we can expect DOUBLE that! That’s a gram per watt! Talk about doubling your investment! With all the ways he shows how to save money on setup and nutrients, you can multiply that investment potential even more.

ANYONE who is growing for profit, or just to save on your own medicine needs to watch this video, and follow the links below to download the Excel spreadsheet “shopping list, the how to guide to making your own nutrients, the day to day growers guide, and the high speed video of how to setup your grow rooms the right way!

DIY hydroponics:

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