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learn | 01.01.2022

The V4/Plush Vape Guarantees The Purest Hit, Every Time

When boys grow from guys to men, they tend to drop the cheap toys for real tools. Introducing the new V4/PLUSH vaporizer.

From an early age, guys tend to fall for the toys with all the bells and whistles. It comes from a competitive spirit. But when guys become men, practicality wins over extras. Men don’t have time for the lightsaber sized vaporizers and twenty thousand parts to clean. There’s a whole lot of hours in the day, but never enough to waste.

Style and simplicity

That epitomizes what it feels like to vape with the V4/PLUSH. Familiar, easy, and relaxing. Great for low-key portability, it doesn’t cause a bulky outline in a pocket. The ergonomic shape and extremely light 2.9-ounce body almost make hands forget it is there. The perfect comfortable grip.

For medical users, the same features that make this device easy to use (one button control) makes it one of the few that lets them medicate without feeling exposed.

TheV4/PLUSH doesn’t take a lot of care, either. An all-glass pathway ensures very smooth inhalation and keeping the herb natural clean flavor.

One of the best features of the V4/PLUSH is the cool sensation of the mouthpiece. This is due to the unique combination of glass pathway located inside of a plastic mouthpiece. The even ceramic heating ensures maximum efficiency, saving bud and battery life.

Many dry-herb-only vapes tend to forget the wide variety of herb out there. V4Twenty created the V4/PLUSH with five temperature settings to handle dry, fluffy buds all the way to the dankest, thickest, freshest nugs available.

Strain hybrids are everywhere today, and different cannabinoid profiles come out with different temperatures. For some, an uplifting day starts with a low temp draw for an energetic buzz. But later that day, the same strain at a higher temp will release loads of relaxing terpenes and cannabinoids ideal for pain relief and insomnia.


The V4/PLUSH also features:

  • Dynamic Conduction Technology
  • Magnetic lid / soft plastic mouthpiece
  • Single button design
  • .65 gram oven
  • 2.9-ounce total weight
  • All glass airpath with screen
  • 5 temperature settings
  • 1-year electronic no-hassle warranty

To find out more aboutV4/PLUSH, visit V4-Twenty.com, and follow them on Facebook to watch unboxing videos and rave reviews from scores of cannabis enthusiasts and medical cannabis patients.

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