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Would You Try This Weed-Infused Gum For Chronic Pain?

Weed-infused gum is being touted as the new big breakthrough medical product for treating MS pain.

Weed-Infused Gum

A new medicine is on the way. Studies are being performed for a fantastic new multiple sclerosis treatment made by AXIM Biotechnology. The company expects both the FDA and European Medicines Agency to approve the drug and allow its availability by 2017. What is this miracle? Why, weed-infused gum, of course.

Weed-infused gum?

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The company cites the unique properties of the gum, allowing equal parts CBD and THC to be absorbed directly in the mouth. According to Dr. George E. Anastassoy, MD, DDS, MBA, chewing chief executive officer of AXIM Biotechnology, by bypassing the liver, MedChewRx gives:

Precise, controlled release mechanism to the oral mucosal capillary circulation.

More acceptable treatment

2 marijuana gum for chronic pain stick Would You Try This Weed Infused Gum For Chronic Pain?
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The gum contains 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC, both of which deliver potent therapeutic capabilities. Professor John Zajicek notes that by chewing, rather than inhaling or ingesting, fewer side effects are reported, and the medicine displays a lack of the “peak” associated with more traditional cannabis medicine.

Professor Zajicek runs the trials for AXIM testing the gum against the pain and spasticity of MS. He also states that chewing CBD gum is more socially acceptable than smoking or ingestion.

Benefits of chewing by itself

3 marijuana gum for chronic pain canchew Would You Try This Weed Infused Gum For Chronic Pain?
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According to the company, the act of chewing delivers benefits of its own, compounded by the cannabinoids. Chewing itself provides “neuroprotective and neurostimulatory benefits” on the mind. Chewing relieves stress, stimulates the cardiovascular system, and helps with loss of cognition due to aging.

The benefits they ascribe to the act of chewing are all benefits of cannabis itself on a greater scale. But by attributing them to mastication, they gain more validity. Why? Because everyday people who don’t understand cannabis simply can’t wrap their head around the fact that it is a unique medicine with many benefits.

A reality check

4 marijuana gum for chronic pain medicalmarijuanainc Would You Try This Weed Infused Gum For Chronic Pain?
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Apparently, AXIM owns the patent on chewing gum as a delivery method for cannabinoids and already have one CBD-only product, Canchew gum, marketed as a dietary supplement and sold everywhere CBD products can sit on shelves. AXIM also started trials for a patent-pending CBG topical for exzema and psoriasis. In addition, there are even oral care and cosmetics in their arsenal.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. owns about 46% of AXIM and plans on many more cannabis-related products. They are the Swiss Army knife of cannabis companies, with their hands in everything from international markets to security services. If only it were so simple for the little guys.

AXIM versus GW

5 marijuana gum for chronic pain gw pharmaceuticals Would You Try This Weed Infused Gum For Chronic Pain?
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Another big medical company hopping on the cannabis bandwagon is GW Pharmaceuticals. Their spray Sativex already has approval in 27 countries, though notably not the US. GW’s other flagship, Epidiolex, is fast working its way through FDA approval.

The two differ in their approach to cannabis. GW cultivates its own plants, in order to control genetics and make quality medicine. In contrast, AXIM sources its herb from a deal with the Dutch government, which gives it a significant discount on bulk purchase.

Yet AXIM benefits from the headway made by GW, in that there exists an established “evidence of safety” for the medicine derived from natural cannabis. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the evidence may be good enough for huge companies, but not good enough for the plant itself, according to the FDA and DEA.

Could Big Pharma cannabis be the future? Or will the plant be freed for us all? Tell us what you see in the future on social media or in the comments below.

July 14, 2016 — Last Updated May 13, 2021

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July 14, 2016 — Last Updated May 13, 2021

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