10 Cannabis Companies To Watch


Check out these 10 cannabis companies who are leading the way in marijuana industry innovation.

Nov 8, 2015

The Green Rush is upon is and the bandwagon is filling up quick. With so many new start-ups, it’s hard to know what’s out there without being bombarded with too many options. Check out these 10 cannabis companies who are leading the way in marijuana industry innovation.

1. Dixie Elixirs
companies dixie 10 Cannabis Companies To Watch
Photo credit: Dixie Elixirs

Dixie Elixirs call themselves the future of cannabis, for good reason. Since 2010 they have been dedicated to reinventing how we consume cannabis. They use the same CO2 extraction technology that has typically been used to decaffeinate coffee beans and create essential oil blends. This clean method leaves them with consistent and precise oil every time allowing them to produce delicious products like peach iced tea, chocolate truffles and mints. Their most innovate product would have to be dew drops. Available in 10 delicious flavours, these drops can be consumed directly under the tongue and deliver a mild high with anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety effects.

2. Eaze Delivery
companies eaze 10 Cannabis Companies To Watch
Photo credit: Forbes

Eaze is like Uber for weed. They’ve got star power behind them as the man himself, Snoop Dogg, invested with his weed fund Casa Verde Capital. Download this app and browse hundreds of flowers, pre-rolls, edibles and concentrates and have them at your door step within 15 minutes. Now all you need is pizza that can be delivered just as quick…

3. Leafly
companies leafly 10 Cannabis Companies To Watch
Photo credit: Green Culture

Whether you are new to cannabis, a medicinal patient or a regular consumer, Leafly strives to be a one stop shop for picking your next strain of bud. Their “explore strains” feature allows you to filter your search based on high effects like fighting fatigue, getting active and curbing depression. You can also search based on date, location, flavours and popularity.

4. Privateer Holdings
companies privateer 10 Cannabis Companies To Watch
Photo credit: Privateer

Privateer Holdings is a private equity firm shaping the future of legal cannabis. They’re causing quite a stir as 3 ivy-league guys taking over the industry but the reality is they may do just that. With decades of experience in investment banking and venture capital, they hold a powerful position in the fight to end cannabis prohibition and, as they say on their website, they plan to

“hold the most enviable position in the market and to generate enormous returns – both financial and social.”

5. Marley Natural
companies marley 10 Cannabis Companies To Watch
Photo credit: Marley Naturals

A recent Privateer Holdings development, Marley Natural, strives to be the top name in Cannabis as the first bud brand. Inspired by Bob Marley and his wisdom about the herb, Marley Natural will be a brand that includes body care, accessories and strains of weed. Although they hope to be one of the largest global cannabis companies, there is some controversy around the fact that US business interests are cashing in on Marley and Jamaican culture.

6. CannLabs, Inc.
companies cannalabs 10 Cannabis Companies To Watch
Photo credit: CannaLabs

CannLabs, initially based out of Colorado, claim to be the nation’s leading cannabis laboratory for testing and innovation. Their recent new platform, StrainData, gives users a public interface to use and scientifically pairs consumer’s symptoms with their ideal strain to properly medicate.

7. Tweed
companies tweed 10 Cannabis Companies To Watch
Photo credit: Newswire

A Canadian company, Tweed currently has five strains and counting. They have a compassionate pricing promise to help those in need of the herb at more affordable pricing. With a recent pass on the ability to produce cannabis extracts; their product line will soon expand to encompass oils, extracts and more.

8. Auntie Dolores
edibles dolores 10 Cannabis Companies To Watch
Photo credit: Auntie Dolores

Damn, we wish we had an Auntie Dolores like this! Her line of cannabis oil infused snacks are sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan but don’t let that fool you – they are delicious. The line includes items like savoury pretzels, caramel corn, glazed pecans and a wide range of brownies. Our only word of advice is to have some non-cannabis infused treats on hand too because you’re going to want to eat more than just one dose.

9. Fairwinds
companies fairwinds manu 10 Cannabis Companies To Watch
Photo credit: Fairwinds

Whether you want to relax, recharge or rejuvenate, Fairwinds has a wide range of products for your cannabis needs. Priding themselves on providing the same flavour character as the flower being extracted, their line of tincture, capsules and extracts provide a diverse taste experience. Perhaps their most unique product is their Keurig friendly cannabis-infused coffee pods. Maybe that will turn us into morning people…

10. MOM Canada
companies mom 10 Cannabis Companies To Watch
Photo credit: MOM Canada

Before ordering off this site it’s highly recommended to read their disclaimer. Although laws in Canada are on the brink of major change, there is a long uphill battle to be fought. However, MOM Canada have managed to stay a big name in the legal marijuana delivery game since 2012. Their inventory includes items like edibles, tinctures, candy, weed and hash. They deliver to most provinces and small towns, too.

Now I think the most difficult decision is which edible, strain selection process or delivery method to try first. Let us know what you think!

Nov 8, 2015