10 Ways To Tell You’re Definitely A Cannabis Enthusiast

The things others assume about cannabis users aren’t necessarily bad. Here are 10 common stereotypes of stoners that are actually positive.

Jun 12, 2016 - Christopher Teague

While we try to change and evolve the perception of the “stoner image” that has permeated mainstream culture there are some negative associations that are unfortunately propagated even among our own ranks. These aspects of cannabis use, whether short term effects of actual cannabis use or more overall personality traits that we develop as we experience a life changing enhancement of consciousness, are not always negatives. Here are 10 “stoner stereotypes” turned on their head, and shown for the truths or fictions they really are. If you aren’t a cannabis user, and you share these personality traits, you might be in good company with people who are.

1. Letting go of the little things

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Cannabis use can help one shed traumatic or negative memory associations. This is what makes it so great for PTSD sufferers, but also causes the stoner stereotype of forgetting things. The truth is that cannabis users are among the few people who can truly forgive and forget. We live happier that way, and more people should. If it is not important, we can just let it go.

2. Lack of aggression

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Some people, especially trolls on the internet, thrive in negative environments and feed off the hostility. Label us “peace-niks”, “hippies“, “pacifists”, or what have you, but we are supposed to try and get along, right? We tend to try to see things from others’ perspectives and keep things civil. That is probably why we make such successful business people, care providers, teachers, therapists, and parents.

Lack of aggression is not a sign of weakness or stupidity, it is a sign of maturity. We don’t stress over the little things. They aren’t worth the heart disease. Inhale peace, exhale bullshit.

3. Always smiling

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Yes, people who are happy tend to smile more, and cannabis users tend to be happier than most. People in love tend to have the same look. Don’t knock someone who is always smiling. The real concern is why isn’t everyone else? Life is about the pursuit of happiness.

4. Always chuckling at something

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People who tend to laugh to themselves may make those not privy to the humor of the situation feel awkward, but don’t dismiss them as “stoners”. Yes, cannabis increases the correlations our minds find in everyday things, and those often can cause for some great juxtapositions. It doesn’t, however, make a normal person into an idiot. If you don’t see what is so funny, chances are it might be you.

As an added caution, don’t dismiss someone who is smiling and chuckling to themselves… they might know something others don’t. Old people and super-villains share this trait as well. It’s called dramatic irony. Other people will figure it out eventually.

5. Using a common name when talking to people

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People might give cannabis lovers grief for using words like “man” or “dude” when talking to people. Let’s face it, this practice is so common across the board, it is not unique to “stoners” in any fashion. There are plenty of other names used like this.

Sir, Ma’am, Son, Kid, Boy, Pal, Bro, Bud, G, the list goes on. In less personal relationships, it can also be a saving grace from something more appropriate, but less amicable. “Hey Dude” could be used instead of “hey asshole”.

Even more telling is the fact that “stoner culture” is not the biggest purveyor or this trend, by any stretch of the imagination. From rap to Jersey Shore, there are other cultures that are far worse at this surname splurging.

6. Not replying to text messages

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Failure to respond to text messages has been labeled as a stoner faux pas by those who feel their messages were ignored or forgotten. The truth is, sometimes the little screen is simply not as important as the world around us. People get far too touchy about this. If it is so important, call. But it boils down to a simple choice. There are thousands of things more important than an electronic note. Driving, a movie, dinner with someone, kids, class, jobs.

Humans, stop feeling rejection over an incorrect sense of entitlement to another person’s attention. It’s their phone, they can pay attention to it or not how they see fit. If you need validation that badly, get a puppy. Put the phone down and live.

7. You can enjoy a simple task for hours

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Whether lazing in the sun on a hammock, building a project with your kids, reading a good book, or surfing the net aimlessly following interesting factoids, you can immerse yourself in something completely. This is a double-edged sword, as you might lose track of time. But like a Zen master, you can remove distracting thoughts and just be.

8. Your concept of time is evolved

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In the mad rush that is daily life, deadlines and timeframes can crush our sense of freedom. But with a cannabis lovers sense of living in the moment, you can alternately zoom through tasks that bog down others, or detach from the pressure and feel relaxed in arriving fashionably late. You take your time when you want. From the quantum perspective, your concept of time has evolved.

9. You take food to that next level

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Whether it is because you have experienced that munchies madness from time to time, or are simply a foodie, you can appreciate the art of a meal in all its glory. More importantly, with that sativa-like creativity, you are more likely to want to experiment with a new recipe or theme for dinner, and the end result can be an experience more memorable than the food.

10. Everyone likes hanging out with you!

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As a cannabis enthusiast, you have come to appreciate the positive aspects of different strains, different smoking devices, and yes, different people. You can see the good in everyone, and they appreciate someone who can appreciate them, quirks and all. You have that universal motherly love that makes the world a better place.

It makes us better, not worse

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It takes a place of judgment and disrespect to speak ill of others. You can see this trend in people who belittle others on the radio, on television, or on the internet. Do we really need more people filled with hate in the world? Do they make the world a better place, or just a more vile one?

Cannabis enthusiasts represent some of the best things that we as a species can strive for. Love, happiness, and health, versus bitterness, trivialness, and vengefulness. So take those negative images that others pile on you for being a “stoner” and look at the person who is saying them.

Perpetuation of stereotypes says more about the person talking than the subject they are talking about.

Do you see your cannabis related personality traits as strengths rather than weaknesses? Are the cannabis users you know better than the haters in your life? Share your thoughts on social media or in the comments below.

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