10 Weed No-No’s For Newbies

Here we break down 10 common mistakes that new stoners often make, using info from experienced dispensary owners.

Feb 25, 2016

What are some of the most common assumptions and mistakes that people tend to make when they first start consuming cannabis? Although there are way more than 10, we have concentrated these down to the most prevalent and important. 

1. Using the carb

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The carb is the hole that most pipes will have right beside the bowl. It ensures that you can clear the pipe of remaining smoke when you let go of it. Just remember to keep it plugged while inhaling, and then let go when you are about to finish to clear all the remaining smoke in the chamber.

2. Sativa vs indica

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The benefit of knowing the difference between the two is very beneficial when deciding your favourite strain. The two groups of marijuana can affect the consumer very differently. For more information on the exact differences, educate yourself a little bit and check out our article.

3. Storage

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Storing your weed can have a big impact on the quality and longevity of the plant. For specific details, pop this article in a new tab and check it out!

4. Lighter use

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Remember, marijuana has a burning point well below how hot the flame is on your BIC lighter. To get the bowl started, all you need is a small portion of the flame to hit the very top of your bud. Once the top bit has ignited, relax with your lighter and just let the herb burn by itself. This ensures you don’t get a mouthful of combusted lighter fluid which can ruin the taste of your marijuana.

5. Claiming it could be laced

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A lot of beginners get paranoia about what they are about to consume, which is some fair skepticism. But just remember, lacing something is enhancing the drug with another drug. Most people can attest that giving out free extra drugs is not good business. So if you get your bud from a dispensary, you should never have to worry about stuff like that. As long your trust is involved in your marijuana purchasing, you should have nothing to worry about.

6. Freaking out

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Although getting paranoid about stuff that isn’t there is usually the funniest part of getting high with friends, beginners tend to overdue things and make themselves look sketchy. Just remember to keep calm and don’t overthink things!

7. Dirty equipment

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Every stoner knows the importance of keeping your glassware clean. The smell of residue alone can sometimes make one debate whether it’s even worth consuming. Here is an article all about cleaning your glassware!

8. Inability to corner a bowl

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Cornering a bowl is a vital skill for when sharing glassware between yourself and your friends. If done incorrectly, you will burn the top layer, and your poor friend will have to inhale the nasty flavour of already burned weed. Not fun!

9. Being wasteful

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Wasting marijuana can be one of the biggest buzzkills while smoking with friends. Whether it’s dropping the grinder or rolling a terrible joint, seeing pot being wasted can significantly bring you down! So be careful!

10. Supplying awful weed

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That moment when you significantly judge your friend over the type of weed he just brought over, is never fun for anyone. Although getting friends to bring you weed should be heavily appreciated, you don’t want to be that guy who gets his weed from his cousin who has no experience with growing.

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What do you think of this top ten list? Are there some more important mistakes that should never be made? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Feb 25, 2016