10 Weed Smokers You’ve Definitely Met


We all know that one stoner who…

Abbi Magder
Feb 2, 2016

All cannabis enthusiasts have one thing in common: they love weed. While marijuana truly does bring people together, every consumer is unique, having different smoking rituals and different perspectives on how to get the most out of their cannabis use.

If you’re someone who enjoys getting high with others, you’ve most likely come across these types of smokers in your day.

1.The Mooch

mooch 10 Weed Smokers Youve Definitely Met
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The Mooch is the type of smoker you often try to avoid smoking with. He or she is always hitting you up to smoke, but once you get together, you realize you’re the only one who’s supplying the goods.

You’ll probably hear the Mooch say: “Sorry bro, I promise I got you next time.”

2. The Weed Snob

snob 10 Weed Smokers Youve Definitely Met
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The Weed Snob is the kind of smoker who knows everything there is to possibly know about the cannabis plant. He or she can sit for hours explaining the different THC levels and types of terpenes found in a variety of strains.

You’ll probably hear the Weed Snob say: “Is this a sativa dominant hybrid? I only smoke indica’s grown indoors…”

3. The Klutz

klutz 10 Weed Smokers Youve Definitely Met
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The Klutz is the one who always manages to knock over the bong or drop the bowl. This kind of smoker makes you extremely nervous because you are constantly checking their every move to make sure nothing gets broken.

You’ll probably hear the Klutz say: “OMG I am SO sorry! It just slipped out of my hands, I swear!”

4. The Noob

noobie 10 Weed Smokers Youve Definitely Met
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Ah, the Noob. The Noob is the one who just started smoking two days ago and has no idea how to inhale or use a bowl. You always try to go before the Noob in the rotation because you don’t feel like waiting 10 minutes for them to figure out what the hell they are even doing.

You’ll probably hear the Noob say: “Wait, is this how I hold it? Am I doing it right?”

5. The Paranoid Smoker

paranoid 10 Weed Smokers Youve Definitely Met
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The Paranoid Smoker is the one who freaks out every time they smoke. He or she is not your first pick to smoke with because they are so afraid of getting caught or smelling like weed that it starts to make YOU paranoid.

You’ll probably hear the Paranoid Smoker say: “Dude did you hear that? Somebody is in here…”

6. The One and Done

onedone 10 Weed Smokers Youve Definitely Met
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The One and Done is the type of smoker who only needs one hit to get totally baked. You’re a little jealous of the one and done because he or she will stay high for hours after that one, single toke.

You’ll probably hear the One and Done say: “Nah bro, i’m good.”

7. The Couch Potato

couchpotato 10 Weed Smokers Youve Definitely Met
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The Couch Potato is the one who likes to kick back with a joint and just chill. You’ll probably find the Couch Potato, well… on the couch. He or she usually has an abundance of munchies to share because he or she isn’t getting up any time soon, not even to go to the bathroom.

You’ll probably hear the Couch Potato say: “Can you pass me the remote? I can’t stretch my arm out any further.”

8. The Hippie

hippies 10 Weed Smokers Youve Definitely Met
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The Hippie is the kind of smoker who is all about the love that comes with sharing the herb. He or she can usually be found playing his or her guitar or listening to The Beatles on repeat. The Hippie always has weed to share with his sisters and brothers cause that’s what the ganja is all about, man.

You’ll probably hear the Hippie say: “I’m telling you, man. If everyone smoked weed there would be world peace, man.”

9. The Philosopher

philosopher 10 Weed Smokers Youve Definitely Met
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The Philosopher is the one who sparks the deepest conversations while waiting for the blunt to be passed. The Philosopher always has the most profound questions about the universe that not even Bill Nye could answer. You will usually find the Philosopher talking about how gigantic the galaxy is or sitting silently in deep, deep thought.

You’ll probably hear the Philosopher say: “Isn’t it crazy that we’re all just made up of atoms? Think about it dude.”

10. The Conspiracy Theorist

conspiracy 10 Weed Smokers Youve Definitely Met
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The Conspiracy Theorist goes without explanation. This smoker is constantly trying to convince people that nobody is safe and that the government is out to get everyone. This type of smoker can easily get into your head if you’re not careful enough, but most of the time he or she is usually too high to back up their claims with any solid evidence.

You’ll probably hear the Conspiracy Theorist say: “This is what they want you to think. I’m telling you, it was an inside job.”

Perhaps you yourself are the Philosopher or the One and Done. Maybe even the Mooch. Either way, you enjoy sharing cannabis with those who enjoy the magical plant just as much as you do.

Have you come across any of these types of weed smokers in your lifetime? Do you fall into any of the above types? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

Abbi Magder
Feb 2, 2016