Watch: 2Chainz And The Most Expensive Sh*t

2Chainz forays into the world of over-the-top luxuries, including epic smoking gear, and gets a glimpse of what the super-rich can spend their millions on.

While it doesn’t buy everything, money definitely has its perks. As a guy who started with nothing and built his own fortune, 2Chainz has come to appreciate what money can buy, as well as laugh at what some things cost. Watch him take a look at some of the most expensive luxuries around in this video: 2Chainz Most Expensive $h*t.

A balanced perspective

While he can certainly afford to spend the money on these extravagant items, that doesn’t mean he is a fool easily parted with his money. He has a head for business, and real value.

“You know, it’s geometry; it’s mathematics.”

“$10,000 dollars for something that takes four days to make, which only takes one minute to break, I don’t know.”

Despite how far he has come, some of the items for sale he sees still make him flinch. Some of the people he comes across are so wealthy even 2Chainz has to admire how much they can spend, and he makes no qualms about admitting that if he didn’t have a solid head on his shoulders, he could easily end up broke basking in ridiculous luxuries.

“The dirt on this car alone is worth $20,000 dollars.” – really rich guy

“Damn, you rich.” – 2Chainz, shaking his head

In his GQ video series, he has come to appreciate some of the finer things, and has to admit:

“I could see me f**king up my checkbook too.”

Quick peek

This video is a compilation of scenes from his show, Most Expensive $h*t. Just watching these clips together gives you an idea of the world of luxuries out there, both the fantastic and the ridiculous, that can easily part a newly minted millionaire from his wealth.

If you suddenly became a multi-millionaire, would you indulge in any of these luxuries? How ridiculous are some of these high-end items? Share your financial fantasies on social media or in the comments below.