Adidas Release 3D Runner, Their First 3D-Printed Shoe

If you’re looking to add a one-of-a-kind monumental pair of shoes to your collection, then check out the Adidas 3D Runner.

Dec 18, 2016

Don’t put away those wish lists just yet. At the present time, Adidas is launching a new sneaker, the 3D Runner. Not only are they the brand’s first 3D shoe, but they also are extremely hard to get. In fact, these all-black colorway kicks are only available this week in London, Tokyo, and New York. If you’re looking to add a one-of-a-kind monumental pair of shoes to your collection, then check out the 3D Runner.

Adidas launches 3D-printed shoes

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Currently, Adidas is exploring 3D printing technology with their latest kicks: the 3D Runner. Being that others brands, like Under Armor and Nike, have already been there and done that, it’s about time one of the world’s favorite brands joins in.

In fact, according to senior direct of Adidas, Mikal Peveto, these sneakers are just the beginning,

This is just the beginning. Creating customized shoes based on an individual’s footprint- including their running style, foot shape, performance needs and personal preferences- is a north star for the industry and adidas is leading with cutting edge innovations.

About a year ago, the brand brought a concept to light for another 3D-printed running shoe, the Futurecraft 3D. In fact, the Futurecraft 3D were a step towards a future of walking into an Adidas store, running on a treadmill, and then walking out with a pair of 3D custom-molded kicks.

Although that’s not an option quite yet, the 3D runners are a sign that the brand is heading in the right direction. The 3D runner shoes will not mold to fit the customer’s foot. However, they are entirely 3D-printed, which marks a first for the company.

The 3D Runner

During the summer, the 3D Runner kicks first made their appearance as a gift given from Adidas to Olympic athletes in Rio.

Some of those athletes include USA Colombian BMX cyclist Mariana Pajon and USA swimmer Allison Schmitt. Ever since then, the hype over them has been real. Therefore, it’s clear these sneakers are going to be a must-have.

The shoe’s upper, in particular, consists of various open and close knitted structures, which Adidas refers to as Primeknit. As for the rest of the shoe, there’s a 3D-printed web structure of differing solidity, as well as a 3D-printed heel counter, which provides more support and elasticity.

At this very moment, the 3D Runner shoes are available in select Adidas flagship stores in New York, London, and Tokyo. For a steep price of $333, you can reserve a pair of your very own via the Confirmed app. However, they won’t be around for long, just this week, so you’ll want to grab them while you can.

Dec 18, 2016