The 420 Games: Promoting A Health-Conscious Cannabis Culture

Time to bust out your running shoes: the 420 Games are back and better than ever.

Apr 2, 2017

Cannabis is not always thought of as a health product. But, with all of the medical cannabis research out there these days, more people are using the herb in their daily lives. Now, one group has launched the ultimate sporting event for cannabis enthusiasts. The 420 Games, a 5 kilometer run for cannabis awareness, kicks off today in Los Angeles.

420 Games: Promoting a health-conscious cannabis culture

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Gone are the days of the lazy stoner. Cannabis has almost earned a bonified place as a nutrition and lifestyle product. For the second time, over cannabis consumers will gather along the Santa Monica pier to run a grand total of 4.20 miles. Over 1,000 people are expected to be in attendance.

Though the herb has long had a poor reputation for causing laziness, participants at this year’s 420 Games want to show the world that this stereotype couldn’t be farther from the truth. This event will look nothing like the typical 420 festival, which is oft filled with a hazy fog of smoke and plenty of lounging.

Rather, this event does not even allow smoking or vaping on the premises. The 420 Games hopes to promote a health-conscious cannabis culture, one which uses the herb to enhance daily life. To help cultivate a new, positive consumer image, participants are asked to consume cannabis prior to the event, rather than toke up on the course.

Though, there will be plenty vendors handing out goodies to those who are over the age of 21. Participants are asked to save any treats for later.

Cannabis for a healthy lifestyle

This event is all about creating a new, more realistic mindset about cannabis and cannabis consumers. As founder Jim McAlpine tells LA Weekly,

If you were walking by, it’d look like a 5K run, not a marijuana event. There’s very little traditional stoner stuff. People of all types love cannabis, and many find that the herb is helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

McAlpine is right. There are many ways cannabis can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The herb can be used to combat both physical and mental stress, as well as get into the flow for a low-key run such as that in the 420 Games.

For many, cannabis might be the medicine that enables them to run pain-free or without worrying about muscle spasms or a flare up of Crohn’s.

There’s no reason why cannabis should not be seen as a health enhancer,  yet many are still plagued by the idea that all cannabis consumers are a bunch of lazy, young males.

McAlpine suggests that the majority of consumers are actually health-conscious moms, adults, athletes, and average joes who look to the herb as a tool for holistic wellness.

There were, and are still, millions of people living in the cannabis closet.

The 420 Games are the perfect way to get out there and show your cannabis pride. Healthy, laid back, and fun, this is a 5k like none other.

Later this spring, the 420 Games will also be held in Seattle, Portland, and Denver, giving thousands in recreational states the opportunity to get involved.

Apr 2, 2017