5 Crazy Dispensary Raid Stories


In states that have legalized marijuana sales, there are often feelings of confusion about the way federal law enforcement employs to control the herb.

Lane Tr
Nov 23, 2015
dispensary raids

In states that have legalized marijuana sales, there are simultaneous feelings of comfort and confusion in the communities. Comfort comes from knowing that it is legal to buy and consume marijuana. Confusion comes from the often ridiculous antics that local and federal law enforcement employs to control the herb.

These 5 crazy dispensary raid stories will shine some light on the aggressive nature of law enforcement.

1. Santa Ana Raid on Sky High Collective
raid santa ana 5 Crazy Dispensary Raid Stories
Photo credit: OC Register

Back in May, Santa Ana police raided the Sky High Collective. While they were performing the raid, several security cameras caught officers making derogatory comments about patients as well as eating confiscated edibles. The officer’s actions have spurred a lawsuit and national backlash.

Update: Police raided Sky High again in October. The collective is accused of operating without a license and has been closed.

2. East Vancouver Raid
raid sargeant 5 Crazy Dispensary Raid Stories
Photo credit: The Province

In August, Vancouver police raided Limelife Society a marijuana dispensary in East Vancouver. Police received a tip that Limelife Society was part of organized crime activity.

They made one arrest at the scene and then released the suspect. It is notable that there are 3 Limelife locations in Vancouver, and only one was raided. It seems as though the police had faulty information as no arrests were made. Just another example of police having a hard on for “marijuana crimes”.

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3. Denver Police Raid Grassroots Smoke Club
raid grassroot 5 Crazy Dispensary Raid Stories
Photo credit: Take Part

4/20 seems like a popular date for many things marijuana, including police raids. Grassroots, a Denver clothing and hat store attempted to open a members only smoking club, but authorities weren’t having it.

The appropriately named club, The Break Room, required that members did not sell any marijuana on the premises, and they encouraged members to use Uber’s and taxis to get home after smoking.

The idea of the club was to provide a safe place for smokers to congregate, specifically to avoid police involvement. Authorities pressured Grassroots’ landlord to evict them based on public nuisance violations.

4. Kaua’i, Hawaii Home Raid

Though this is not a raid on a dispensary, it shows just how ridiculous police can get in their attempts to control marijuana. David Hibbitts, a Kaua’i resident posted himself 11 pounds of marijuana from California. Police intercepted the package and placed a tracking device inside.

When the package was picked up, they began to follow the truck driving the herb. Of course, they lost track of the truck and arrived on the street where they “thought” it had gone. They saw 7 homes on the street, but the truck was not in front of any of them—they had a 1 in 7 chance of picking the right house.

They picked a home and burst in to find a family babysitting their grandchildren. The police threw 2 of the family members to the ground while tearing through the house. C’mon guys, this behavior is dangerous and unfounded.

5. DEA Raids Denver Pot Shops Days Before Recreational Legalization
raid denver 5 Crazy Dispensary Raid Stories
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Just before the recreational sale of marijuana became legal in 2014, the DEA performed a series of raids on Denver-based dispensaries. The Feds would not say specifically why they raided the locations, stating, “They have violated 1 or more of 8 regulations”.

The point here is that the Feds are generally not restricted in their reasoning. They probably wanted to send a message to dispensaries before recreational legalization—guess what, we prevailed!

These stories should show you that authorities are often performing raids without reasonable cause. They have loose rules regarding their behaviors and are not afraid to push the limits.

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Lane Tr
Nov 23, 2015