5 Songs To Fit Any High

Whether you are relaxing, happy or winding down after a long day while you are smoking, here are five songs to match any high.

Feb 21, 2016

All smokers listen to music during a session. For some, it is a vital part of the experience. It does not matter what mood you might be in, music and weed go together like elbow macaroni and cheese. It does not matter how you are feeling. After you light up and turn some music on, nothing else matters in the moment. But whether you are relaxing, sad or winding down after a long day while you are smoking, here are five songs to match any high that you might be experiencing.

1. Stimulation

Sound and Color By Alabama Shakes

Looking for music to stimulate your mind? This song has all the right components for thinking and listening. Some may recall first hearing this song on the latest IPad Pro Commercial with its trippy images of outer space. The earthy tones keep the listener engaged with the rifting and twirling in and out.

The vibrating, lingering melodies cling to the ear, leaving soft, bright, orange kisses along the ear canal, then lightly cascading off the ear drum from beginning to end. There is even a diabolical breakdown right before the end of the song where, lead singer Brittany Howard, allows the music to flow throughout her voice. The listener can hear the sorrow and joy in her singing.

 2. Smoking and vibing with your favorite people

Pass the Vibes By Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment

Getting high with a chill group of people? If the title of the song doesn’t make you want to pass the herb, then the smooth, rich melody might help. The alto and bass singers intertwine to make the little lyrical component that the song does have memorable. The song doesn’t have very many lyrical components, but you don’t need them. This song gives off a “Jamaican” feel. Listen to it alone or “pass the vibes” with your favorite smoking buddy.

3. Dealing with a break-up

The Walk By Mayer Hawthorne Ft. Rizzle Kicks

Are you bummed about a recent break-up? We all know Exs are the last thing you want to think about while you’re getting high. But chances are, once you light up, you won’t care anyway. But the singing and rapping duo sends an expressive, yet precise message while incorporating a catchy anthem to anybody dealing with the woes of a breakup.

The song is topped off in just the right way with Mayer Hawthorne’s poignant yet gentle voice. The soulful, yet cold lyrics might even provide a little clarity.

4. Vibing By Yourself

Child’s Play By SZA Ft. Chance the Rapper

In for the night? SZA’s soft, easy-going voice might be just what you need to relax. This song might bring back some good memories from someone in your past. Chance the Rapper takes the song from SZA and runs with it. He joggles the listener’s attention from his voice impression to his melodic singing in the end. The captivating breakdown in the end while leave you with a nostalgic feeling.

5. Relaxing after a long day

Hello Its Me by Todd Rundgren

Unwinding after a long day of work? This oldie has just what you need to sit back and ponder the day. Whether you have always been a fan of Todd or first heard this song on That 70s Show, you’ll agree that it is the perfect song to unwind to after a long tiresome day. Young or old, this song will put anyone in a peaceful place to drift off wherever the mind takes him or her.

Honourable Mention: Capitol by Curren$y Ft. 2 Chainz

Regardless of what you are doing while smoking, those songs will definitely put you in right state of mind that you want to be in while partaking. These are just a few of our favorite songs to listen to during a session.

Do you have a list of songs that you listen to while smoking? Let us know! Drop a line on our social media page or in the comments sections below.

Feb 21, 2016