7 Reasons to Stop Acting Like a Stoner

The word “stoner” comes packed with some negative connotations. But we all know that those stereotypes don’t represent all of us—although some of them do.

Sep 10, 2015

The world can be particularly harsh about the old idea of a stoner, which is usually someone who smokes marijuana while typically not doing much but doing just that. Granted, this stereotype is less common than it was years ago, but it is still important to crush the negative assumptions that people make of those who smoke weed. This comes down to the community to change their actions and put down the Cheetos. Here are 7 reasons to stop acting like a stoner.

1. You’re Holding Back the Rest of Us
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There are lots of people who consume cannabis that don’t sit on their butts all day and eat Doritos. For many people, marijuana also fuels productivity and creativity and assists in physical or mental ailments. Unfortunately, many of the people who use weed for these purposes stay in the cannabis closet for fear of being labeled in a negative way.

2. The Drum Circles Have Stopped

We live in a world where political, environmental and social change only occurs through grandiose acts like mass protests. Unfortunately, weed smoking hippies drumming for world piece are not taken seriously. Instead, fight for legalization by joining/donating our time to kickass organizations like NORML. And maybe pick up a pair of shoes. 

3. The Industry Has Evolved
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The industry is evolving into a more professional market with well-educated individuals who are less concerned about the activism aspect of the industry and are more focused on innovation and financial advantages. Acting like an old school stoner will get you nowhere in the new cannabis industry—which is being taken seriously. With so many people looking to work in the industry, they are only hiring those who have proven themselves to be hard-working, loyal employees.

4. Crushing Stereotypes Can Be Fun
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“Really? You smoke weed?!” borders on a compliment because it means you are crushing the stoner stereotype. When people are unaware you smoke cannabis, you are doing it correctly. Proving yourself to be functional, creative and hardworking will make people rethink the cannabis community and its stereotypes.

5. No One Trusts a “Stoner”

It’s often stereotyped that stoner’s are lazy and unreliable, so if you make commitments but don’t show up because you are too busy getting stoned, you really aren’t doing it right. Bust that stereotype by getting your shit together and showing up. If the people in your life can’t rely on you just because you smoke weed, something needs to change.

6. People Who Don’t Smoke, Don’t Get It
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People who don’t smoke weed don’t understand that it’s not this overwhelming drug trip that makes you see talking trees. Making them understand the effects of cannabis is almost useless but they know a stoner when they see one. As the industry evolves, image is everything, people who don’t smoke may help your success, but only if they trust you.

7. Who Wants to Date a Couch Potato?
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Unless you find someone who is as equally in love with marijuana as they are with you, it’s pretty safe to say that smoking all day while sitting on the couch and watching the Food Network will not cut it in a relationship. Instead, use marijuana to make those days with your lover more amazing, whether it’s a hike, dinner or a movie. Just get off that couch!

Marijuana lovers, we know you and we love you. These stereotypes are definitely not as prevalent as they used to be, but we still have some work to do. Legalization is within our reach! And the more we break down these stereotypes, the better chance we have. So go out there and get ’em!

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Sep 10, 2015