7 Reasons Vaping Is The Future

Here are 7 reasons why vaping is the way of the future, but #7 is the reason the ultimate reason why it won’t be stopped!

Feb 25, 2016

There is absolutely no need to smoke cigarettes anymore. Vaping technology has come too far; vaping is now a million times more satisfying and enjoyable than smoking, as well as being lower risk, and aesthetically beautiful. Goodbye cigarettes. Forever.

Vaping soared to new heights this year as an industry and in terms of the number of people that have put away cigarettes for good making the switch to vaping.  Vaping has grown into such a global movement, that it really can’t be stopped. Here we will give you the 7 biggest reasons vaping is the future:

1. Too many people already vape

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As was previously mentioned, the community has reached an all-time high in terms of members. There are millions of people who vape, and the society is far from done expanding.  The regulations can be put in place, the guidelines can be suggested, and as a result, the products may increase in price or make it more challenging to obtain. However, there is no chance of any of these things halting the active vapers.

2. It’s not hard to make e-liquid

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Even if the regulations become prevalent and the e-liquid increases in price, there’s still a way to maintain your wallet. E-liquid isn’t hard to make. There is a very large number of people who already create their own e-liquid. So, even if regulations take place, vapers could still flourish.

3. Science doesn’t lie

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Every study that has shown vaping to have an adverse effect on health has been either discredited, or severely flawed. Moreover, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence already that proves vaping is much safer than smoking.

4. The technology is getting easier to use

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Simply put, vape tech has gotten safer, a lot easier to pay for, and much simpler. You don’t need to know how to do a lot of different things with your vape, but you can still get the best performance out of it.

5. People aren’t stupid

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While some people think that Vaping is absurd and inappropriate, most people see it for what it is,  a better alternative to smoking. Most people have accepted it as a coping mechanism when weaning off of cigarettes. Vaping is considered a disruptive technology, it has come and conquered quickly. Disruptive technology typically grows roots and spreads out among the crowds, which leads us to reason 6.

6. You can’t stop disruption

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Companies like Uber disrupt cab services, Airbnb disrupt hotel chains,  and Netflix disrupts cable/satellite companies as well as put blockbuster out of business. These are examples of disruptive technologies that have greatly impacted existing industries and become common place in a short period of time.  Another example: Torrent sites are uploading movies faster, so many people are not even bothering to go to the movies due to cost. Remember when movies were $5 to get in?

7. People are demanding more and fighting back

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People are becoming more aware of how they are treated in general by their governments and businesses. They refuse to be taken advantage of any longer and are finding new ways to be healthier for less money, to travel the world on less money and when they find those new answers, they refuse to back down on why they deserve it and why the governments and businesses have no say in how people choose to live their lives. Rules will be ignored because people have realized that the governments can’t police the world.  The general population far outnumbers the police and government officials that would try to infringe on the freedoms and health of the growing population.

In the end vaping along with other technologies that were unfairly criticized will win the day!

Did we miss any reasons why vaping is the future? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

Feb 25, 2016