A Blissed Out Day Spent Smoking An Eighth


There is nothing like having a whole day to yourself to take an entire eight bag to the head.

Brandon Lee
Mar 23, 2016

There is nothing like having a whole day to yourself to take an entire eight bag to the head. I wanted to see just how gloriously stoned I could get throughout the day. Zone in with some good green, take it all to the head, geared up for a fun-filled daytime adventure with no particular direction or aim.

I rolled up 5 fat joints from 6 different bags while taking a bong rip of the Blue Dream and watched the sun come up through the west window of the bedroom where I could see the Flat Iron Mountains of Boulder, Colorado glinting on the day. My head was sailing after two good rips, a deep warm content feeling rolling down my body.

There is nothing like a wake and bake this way, and Blue dream always gives me a rush of lasting energy at its onset. Now that I was in the come-up with a glaze on the eyes I was ready to take it all in. I had no idea what would happen, some things unpredictable are always more exciting, but it was sure to be a good one with good weather, people moving about the town, and lots of heady grass to consume.

A joint and a good breakfast

joint A Blissed Out Day Spent Smoking An Eighth
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Schwoo this Blue Dream is racy now – 9:30am pacing the house. No need for coffee; smoked the first of the joints, an indica dominant hybrid with small balls of Afghani hash inside to balance the Blue Dreams sativa effects.

During the joint I opened the window to let the sun in while making some of my favorite food. It has always been said that a good breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so I made a breakfast fit for kings; fried ham with cayenne pepper, curry powder and black pepper and drizzled it with honey as it finished sizzling in the pan. I made up some garlic toast for this grand sandwich and sliced fresh tomato and added spinach leaves to go along with it.

So much flavor bursting on the taste buds after a good joint like this. I finished up with a glass of orange juice and some fresh peach and mango on the deck. Vitamin C and D are as essential to the start of a day as any good breakfast.

Sunbath, nap, joint

napping A Blissed Out Day Spent Smoking An Eighth
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With a loaded belly I lay shirtless, sprawled on the deck chair.  I passed out for a good hour just bathing in the suns sweetness. Ah, the joys of American life, the coming of spring, lazy and free to sleep during a horrible political campaign and a dreaded election. I slept and had dreams that we would be going to war. That the president this round would be short of knowing what to do. Then I saw a big bomb go off.  When I woke I was still pleasantly stoned-warm and groggy.

Writing and more grass

eye A Blissed Out Day Spent Smoking An Eighth
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Early wakeful states are the best time to write. The ideas are freshest without judgement and just roll off the top of the head. I sat for two and a half hours, smoking 3 different joints, half dazed – streaming consciousness on the deck that lent to the paper and wrote 10 pages of unstopped sporadic prose with subjects ranging from guns, explosives, to blooming orchards of the skull, and thoughts of young women in white summer dresses from my youth, between spasms of human emotion, memory, and shamanic-woke dream visions, and thoughts of souls on the astral plain.

Sight-seeing and meditation

yoga A Blissed Out Day Spent Smoking An Eighth
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A heady trip, that many joints in one sitting, not mentioning the cocktails I had put together during that early period of morning. I took the 208 into town in dark sun shades and wound up down around the Boulder creek area. I was still humming good in the buzz and watched the sun off the water; its ripple a white noise; a natural meditation on its own.

I focused my attention on my body and grounded myself with the first third of a repeated Tai Chi meditation for a good hour. Sometimes, when you get too stoned, or too much of anything for that matter, a meditation like this can bring it all back. Level the mind and level the stresses of everyday life as mysterious, wild, and strange as it is.

What kind of day trips have you had after smoking an entire bag of grass?  Let us know on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Brandon Lee
Mar 23, 2016