Adidas Have Released Bill Murray’s The Life Aquatic Shoes

They won’t make you an official member of Team Zissou, but Adidas just launched the official signature shoe, which has obviously already sold out.

Jul 4, 2017

Even though you still won’t be an official member of Team Zissou, there is now an official signature shoe available from Adidas. Unfortunately, they were released in an extremely low amount and are already sold out. But if you can get your hands on a pair, they would be the perfect match to your red cap and Speedo.

Adidas’ Team Zissou kicks

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While it may be the least known of Wes Anderson’s filmography, there are so many reasons to check out The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Released at the end of 2004, the film tells the story of a renowned oceanographer, Steve Zissou, (a role that was based on Jacques Cousteau and played to perfection by Bill Murray) and his eponymous team of filmmakers, scientists, adventurers, and interns. Even with so-so reviews from the critics, and far from being a commercial success, The Life Aquatic has since gained a cult following.

These feel great

From the great performances of a large and talented cast (including the likes of Murray, Cate Blanchett, and even Bud Cort), an insanely unique production design, cute animations (by Henry Selick) and a soundtrack that is filled with a whole lot of Bowie, The Life Aquatic has a lot to love.

But one of the more memorable details is the uniform of Team Zissou, which included a signature pair of Steve Zissou sneakers that was acknowledged in the story, based on Adidas’ iconic ROM shoe.

While there have been many unofficial releases of replicas, through sellers on Etsy and a limited supply by Spoke Art, there had never been an official pair sold to the public. That was, until last month, when Adidas released a small number – an extremely small number, too, as it was only 100 pairs – at the We Love Green music festival in Paris.

Best of all, if you were lucky enough to attend the festival, not only would you have been given the opportunity to purchase the Team Zissou kicks, you would have also seen Seu Jorge perform, too. Of course, Jorge was a member of Team Zissou, having played Pelé, the company’s resident musician that performs the majority of the Bowie songs in the film, and all in Portuguese, no less.

This is an adventure

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With the popularity of the Steve Zissou signature shoe, there are hopes Adidas will choose to do a wider release, as was the case with Reebok and the “Alien Stomper” high tops.

The “Alien Stomper” is based on the shoe worn by Sigourney Weaver’s “Ripley” in Aliens, which also had a very limited amount produced – that took place on 4/26, also known as “Alien Day,” of course – and saw a public outcry for more, resulting in the upcoming release in July.

Unlike the casual look of the Team Zissou kicks, the “Stompers” go a bit further, by coming in colorways based on Ripley’s “Powerloader” and also the Alien Queen. Just to make the kicks that much more special for sneakerheads, the shoes come packaged in a pretty neat two-pack box that references the Alien saga, too.

Jul 4, 2017