Adidas Just Released Spew And Beer Repellent Sneakers For Oktoberfest

As Adidas is a German brand, it makes sense that the limited edition shoe pays homage to Oktoberfest with the Adidas Originals München “Oktoberfest” shoe.

Sep 6, 2017

There’s nothing like strapping on a new pair of sneakers to enjoy an afternoon or night of imbibing, but it’s even better to have the kicks come back in good condition, even after surviving the likes of Oktoberfest.

Adidas Originals München “Oktoberfest

That’s right, those people who don either lederhosen or dirndl at Oktoberfest celebrations will have one less this to worry, which is shoes stained with spew and beer – and, well, whatever you throw at it.

For 2017, Adidas has designed a “durable puke and beer repellent” shoe for those beer-centered Bavarian celebrations that take place in September and October. The shoe, the Adidas Originals München “Oktoberfest,” is said to be made from the “finest leather” with DPBR coating, which is an acronym for “durable puke and beer repellent” – that sums up what it does quite well.

Not only is the München “Oktoberfest” kick made in Germany, it also comes with a custom stein from exclusive distributor 43einhalb. As Adidas is a German brand, it makes sense that the limited edition shoe pays homage to Oktoberfest, with such small details on the shoe like “prost” – German for “cheers” – being found on the side of the shoe in gold lettering. On the inside of the shoe are the colors of the traditional red and white table clothes found at the celebrations, while a lederhosen-style design is emblazoned on the heel.

Unfortunately, for those that want some special kicks for a special month of beer-drinking, the München “Oktoberfest” shoes have already sold out, so expect to pay a bit more than the $240.00 that was the original price.

Sep 6, 2017