Stoner Chic: High-Fashion Necklace Means No More Lost Roaches Or Lighters

Alexander Wang’s Lighter Case Chain Necklace with Pave Clip allows you to carry your bud roach and lighter around your neck while looking effortlessly chic.

Mar 30, 2017

Once upon a time, there were the urban, cannabis-oriented fashions on one side and high-end couture fashion on the other. Cannabis accessories are traditionally fun, bold knickknacks found in novelty stores or smoke shops with images of the cannabis leaf or some other weed-related symbolism. As weed continues to go mainstream, couture designers like Alexander Wang are now using the herb to inspire new stoner chic, fashion accessories with a practical appeal for tokers on the go.

The chain necklace with a ‘buzz’

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Debuting in his 2017 spring/summer collection, Alexander Wang’s new Lighter Case Chain Necklace with Pave Clip offers a sleek way to carry both your roach and lighter around the neck for super easy access.

This combination is perfect for a regular user who constantly misplaces their joint, blunt or lighter (especially due to short-term memory loss while high). It can also prevent one from fumbling around in their purse or pockets for these items.

For now, this accessory comes in either black/silver or coral. The black/silver version features a mid-length silver chain, shiny Croc Leather Lighter Case and studded silver Pave (roach) Clip. The Lighter Case Web Necklace in Coral Croc with Clip replaces the silver chain necklace with coral-colored material for a bolder statement.

Old school roach clips/lighter cases

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Necklaces with fancy roach clips or lighter cases are nothing new to many cannabis enthusiasts. In fact, similar items have been available for years and are sold at a variety of storefront or online retail shops. But combining the two in a single item is still fairly unique, especially when merged with high-fashion sensibilities.

The truth is, many fashion designers and artists in the industry aren’t new to cannabis culture and this may be why bud’s recent gains in popularity have inspired designers like Wang to create high-fashion clothing, accessories, and jewelry that are not only stylish but also highlight and support cannabis use.

Luckily for us, many states are decriminalizing marijuana or allow for both medical and recreational use. But when it comes to carrying marijuana on your person, be sure to abide by your state’s current marijuana laws.

Another charming option

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If you’re someone who likes to be a bit more discreet, Wang also offers the Croc Leather Lighter Case and Clip as a charm to clip to your key chain, wallet or purse strap for $145.00.

The Lighter Case and Clip Necklace, however, will set you back about $295.00. You can buy both items from Alexander Wang’s website.

The item may seem a bit pricey but for the cannabis enthusiast, the necklace can be both fashionable and useful (not to mention, it’s a great conversation piece).

Mar 30, 2017