Anti-Marijuana Mom Changes Her Mind After Daughter Dies

Joni Whiting was once anti-marijuana. Then her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, leading to a painful fight for her life only medical marijuana helped.

Aug 4, 2015

This woman’s testimony on the necessity of medical marijuana is powerful and convincing.

Joni Whiting was once anti-marijuana, strongly opposing drugs and fighting to help keep people clean. Then her daughter was diagnosed with skin cancer on her face, leading to an unimaginably painful struggle for her life.

As doctors progressively cut pieces of her face out, her daughter’s only relief was medical marijuana, helping her eat and improving the efficacy of her other pain meds. Even Marinol, an approved THC cannabis extract, was not effective — but smoking the plant was.

Joni takes the stand for a different fight now: righting our wrongful drug policy that is currently hurting patients in prohibited states. Her forceful presence lends for a powerful speech that demands to be heard.

Aug 4, 2015