Apple Reveals The Best Way To Find Your Lost AirPods

A much-needed solution to the constant threat of losing Apple’s pricey new wireless headphones, the AirPods, is finally here.

Feb 8, 2017

When first released, Apple’s $159 AirPods had a lukewarm reaction from the public. The general reaction was that they were way too expensive for what they are – simply the headphones that come with your iPhone for free, minus the wires. And for $159, only the truly dedicated fans would flock to go out and purchase them.

An expensive mistake

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After the hype of the release, people started to wonder what would happen if you lose one of your AirPods because of how small they are. Well, Apple finally has a solution that is very similar to their other device-locating services.

Up until recently, Apple didn’t even acknowledge how easy it is to lose their newest product. They ignored the fact that people would misplace one of their AirPods and be forced to purchase them all over again. Apple’s executives must have been drooling over the fact that people would have to spend so much money over and over again.

That was up until pretty much everyone who owned them complained night and day to force Apple to do something about it. And finally, they swallowed their pride and came out with a solution.

Find My AirPods

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Everyone who owns an iPhone or a Mac has probably heard of the Find My iPhone app that can be used to locate your phone.

In Apple’s latest iOS 10.3 beta update, the app had a new option for finding your AirPods. The new locator relies on Bluetooth from your iPhone and AirPods to communicate with each other and establish their location. So if one headphone slips down a couch cushion, you can use the app to not only locate it but also play a sound until you find it’s exact hiding spot.

A critical limitation of the update is the fact that Bluetooth locating only works within a certain range. So if you lost a headphone and don’t remember where you had it last, you could be out of luck. And if the batteries are dead on the AirPods, then you are probably out $159.

Feb 8, 2017