Australia’s First Medicinal Cannabis Crop Is Nearly Ready

Some of the youngest residents of Victoria, suffering from severe epilepsy, are one step closer to the legal medicinal cannabis crop they desperately need.

Aug 22, 2016

Victoria became the first state in Australia to set up legal access to medical cannabis for those patients who are suffering from a list of debilitating conditions. A top-secret cannabis grow-op, owned by the government, is officially ready to take on the next phase of cultivation, bringing the country one step closer to providing medical cannabis to their citizens. Clones will soon be made from the existing plants, as workers beginning trimming the parent plants to create addition seedlings.


Monitoring and monetizing

Australia’s First Medicinal Marijuana 1 State Of Marijuana: The Most Important Cannabis Event This Year
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We all know growing plants can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but patience always delivers the biggest and most potent flowers. Victoria’s State Premier, Daniel Andrews visited the Australian state’s secret cannabis compound, a routine stop he makes to check on the well-being and growth of the country’s first-ever legal medical cannabis crop.

After a quick inspection, Andrews noted that the sprouts were finally large enough to move on to the next phase of cultivation. The existing plants will be trimmed down, with the trimmings being planted to begin growing new plants; a great way to extend their budding cannabis garden.

Andrews is well aware of the situations people are facing, throughout the country, when it comes to medical cannabis. Parents are forced to watch their sick children suffer, rather than become criminals and risk losing custody of their children. The best medication possible should always be available, without fear of judgment or repercussion.

We are delivering on our promise to give access to medicinal cannabis as soon as possible because we know it can change lives. Right now we have parents who are making the heart breaking decision between breaking the law and watching their child suffer – and we are changing that forever.

The first crop of medical cannabis is expected to be ready for consumption in 2017. Young children, who suffer from severe epilepsy, will be the first patients to receive the life-saving herb.

Big changes down under

Australia’s First Medicinal Marijuana 2 State Of Marijuana: The Most Important Cannabis Event This Year
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While visiting the grow-op, Andrews also explained the formation of a new independent group, dedicated to deciding who will receive the medical cannabis next, which conditions warrant the plant and what forms of cannabis will work best for different ailments.

The Medical Advisory Committee will be made up of doctors, researchers and consumer experts, who will lend their expert advice to a variety of different cases.

The former head of the University of Melbourne’s Medical School, Dr. James Argus will lead the committee and believes the group will offer a great deal of support, as legal medical cannabis spreads throughout all of Australia.

Victoria’s Minister of Health, Jill Jennessy, agrees that the patrons of the Medical Advisory Committee will be the most skilled and educated individuals available on the subject of medical cannabis. She’s confident in their ability to deliver accurate and well thought out responses.

The new Medical Advisory Committee will use the very best medical evidence available, so doctors and families can have confidence in our medicinal cannabis access scheme. Professor Angus’ highly-respected skills, knowledge and expertise will help guide the roll-out of medicinal cannabis products for Victorian patients in exceptional circumstances. –  Jennessy

Soon all of Australia will experience legal medical cannabis, as the Federal Parliament recently passed the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Bill, opening the door to licensed grow-ops across the country.

What country do you think will be next to legalize medical cannabis? Let us know on social media or in the comment section below.

Aug 22, 2016