You Can Now Anonymously Send Your Enemies A Bag of Dicks

Now you can literally send someone a bag of dicks by mail, thanks to an ingenious new website. Whether you use this knowledge for good or evil is up to you.

Mar 15, 2017

Have you ever wanted to send a gag gift to a good friend, without them knowing it was you? Or perhaps your plan is to send a snarky and inappropriate prank to someone you don’t like as much. Now you can literally send that person a Bag of Dicks by mail, thanks to an ingenious new startup company’s website. And by bag of dicks, I mean an actual baggie of delectable, colorful dick-shaped candies. Whether you choose to use this knowledge for good or evil is entirely up to you.

The dicks

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When you get your order from, you might be a little confused. But then you’ll immediately start laughing when you see that you’ve received a pouch full of penis-shaped confetti and a baggie full of tasty little dick-shaped gummies.

If you opt to send them to somebody else, the recipient will enjoy a glittery explosion of laughter and sweetness sure to make them blush and brighten their day – or at least weird them out a bit.

This gift is perfect for stoners, as they can have a laugh and satisfy their munchies simultaneously. It’s science!

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the candy – this company delivers. The flavors of these gummies are off the chain. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill convenience store gummies.

They’re the type that makes you wonder…”Was that cherry? Or maybe some strawberry-orange hybrid?” “Is this lime or pear?” The exotic fruity flavors will leave you wanting more every time. It’s dangerous stuff we’re talking about here.

Some of you may be wondering why you would order something like this online…well why the heck wouldn’t you? These Dicks By Mail are hilarious, inappropriate, super tasty – and can be sent anonymously.

You were probably just going to spend the money on drugs anyway, so why not?

The origins of Bag of Dicks

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Every internet startup has a story, especially the weird and eclectic ones like DicksByMail.

Since I had to know more about this hilarious prank company, I sought out its origins. I caught up with the Marketing Manager of this clever business idea to discuss the culture and the humor behind the website.

Turns out that Dick Richards, who’s running the operation known as, is a hilarious and fun-loving guy who just wanted to keep the world guessing, by giving others the opportunity to send anyone dicks by mail.

HERB: What inspired you to run Dicks By Mail?


Who doesn’t love Dicks? Why not ship a whole bag of them? Easy to get inspired!

HERB: How many people have received anonymous dicks so far through your site?


We’re around 100,000 anonymous bag of dicks shipped out.

HERB: For whom, or for what occasion, should people be ordering these bags of dicks?


Any occasion is perfect really. Valentines Day, Christmas, …St. Patrick’s Day? Why not? April Fools Day is right around the corner too! Perfect occasion.

HERB: Can you tell us what’s next for the company? Any more crazy ideas?


We have a lot of crazy ideas in the works! We have a very active and fun social media presence, specifically Facebook and Instagram. One of our latest is “Dicks for Days“, where we’ll send a stream of shipments to keep the recipient confused and wondering when they will stop!

Check out the FAQ page on the DicksByMail website for more laughs and details about how the anonymous shipment process works.

The legend

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No matter how you look at the situation of receiving a Bag of Dicks, these sweet and fruity little dicks are a riot and an unequivocally perfect gag gift for any occasion.

Just make sure the individual you’ll be sending it to has a sense of humor, because these little candies definitely look like dicks, even from far away. There’s absolutely no question about that.

You can send them to your long-distance bestie as a 4/20 or birthday gift, prank that old coworker slash friend you used to hit happy hour with or use them to celebrate – bachelorette parties, anyone? lists the following hilarious suggestions as some ideal recipients of their very own Bag of Dicks:

  • Coworkers
  • Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  • Roommates/Landlords
  • Your best Friend
  • The Westboro Baptist Church
  • Teachers
  • Your estranged father
  • Favorite Politician
  • The man that killed your father/brother/dog

If you ask me, I can certainly think of a few people in my life who would deserve the “Dicks for Days” shipments.

These are perfect to send for any fun and festive occasion when you can’t be there in person. Even though this gift may embarrass the recipient, the website says you’re not supposed to use them to bully people. Even if you did, that person will still have a laugh and some super delicious candy. It’s a win-win every time, no matter what.

Every stoner should know this site exists because it’s a hilarious prank gift you can order easily in a time crunch. The website even suggests sending the dicks to your friend’s place of work for a hilarious and humiliating touch!

And there’s even a St. Patrick’s day special.

You can’t possibly imagine all the various comedic outcomes that could come of this simple idea – but I encourage you to try. It’s a testament to human creativity and comedy.

Order your very own packages of phallic paraphernalia today for only $15 and shipping by visiting If you love them, you can even get them in bulk for an event, or for your own personal use.

Their website also offers sweet accessories like Koozies, coasters, shirts, birthday cards, and a highly questionable prank candle.

There’s definitely no shame in wanting these fantastic gag gifts for yourself. Now that you have this sweet knowledge, order your own Bag of Dicks.

Mar 15, 2017