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Baker Rewards Regular Cannabis Customers With Dispensary Discounts

Regular customers account for roughly 85% of cannabis dispensary revenue, but aren’t being rewarded for their loyalty. Baker is trying to change that.

Jun 4, 2015 - HERB

You see deals for new customers everywhere:  “$10 off your first purchase,” “Leave a Yelp review and get a free gram,” “New patients receive 20% off,” – but where is the love for the loyal customers?

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Yes, some dispensaries have good, old-fashioned punch cards, but most regular customers don’t receive the consistent customer service they deserve. Why? Probably because there hasn’t been an easy and efficient solution for dispensaries to treat them well. This lack of VIP treatment is even more astonishing in light of the fact that regular cannabis purchasers account for less than 30% of the foot traffic, but generate more than 85% of the dispensary’s revenue. These are heavy consumers. A new Colorado startup named Baker is fixing this discrepancy.

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Loyalty with an airline means you get priority boarding, free checked bags, and even free flights.  Restaurants know their regulars’ favorite dishes and tables, and give priority to these guests even if there is a wait.  Baker is bringing this elevated level of customer service to the cannabis industry. Baker provides the best cannabis buying experience possible by giving dispensaries the ability to treat their regular customers like VIPs through a user-friendly mobile app.

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Customers use Baker to access exclusive discounts, skip the line, and earn free product and loyalty rewards with every purchase. Dispensaries can manage incoming orders before customers arrive, and use Baker to post real-time specials and promote loyalty.

Baker turns these regulars into VIPs, allowing them to order ahead and pick up product at the counter the way they would at a restaurant. This allows customers to get on with their day, and simultaneously frees up the budtenders to spend more time with the customers who need it.  Furthermore, Baker also enables dispensaries to reward their regular customers with discounts and promotions, ensuring the 85% of revenue continues to shop at their preferred location.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new trend that treats the cannabis regulars like the valuable shoppers they are.  We don’t see American Express offering these VIPs rewards anytime soon, but Baker is a great start.

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Editor’s note – Baker currently has a waitlist so that each new user and dispensary has the best possible experience when they first use Baker.  They are rolling out new locations across Colorado, and in the coming months expanding across the US. Sign up on their waitlist now to be one of the first to enjoy the perks of Baker! Also, you can keep up with the development of Baker by following them on Facebook!

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