Nobody F*cks With Jesus: “The Big Lebowski” Spin-Off Has Us Excited AF


Indeed, a continuation of one of our favorite films, “The Big Lebowski”, is in the works. That’s right, the man in purple is back.

Aug 22, 2016

All of the rumors in regards to a possible spin-off of The Big Lebowski has fans at the edge of their seats with anticipation. And they’ve got to know, is this actually happening or not? As a matter of fact, it’s most definitely happening. Indeed, a continuation of one of our favorite films is in the works. Not only will it feature John Turturro, but it will also have him playing the Jesus Quintana. That’s right, the man in purple is back, and nobody f*cks with Jesus

Going Places

When the first picture from the set appeared on Instagram, people practically lost their minds. Beside a Plymouth stands Turturro looking directly at the camera. Though it’s tough to tell if he’s wearing the classic purple jumpsuit, his hair looks rather fitting.

Co-starring in the film is Bobby Cannavale, Turturro’s former HBO prestige drama lead. Also, Susan Sarandon and Audrey Tatou will appear in Going Places.

The idea of us seeing a sequel to The Big Lebowski seemed like a pipe dream and far too good to be true. Over the past couple of years, so many rumors have surfaced about a continuation of the film.

Just last week, reports claimed that John Turturro was in the middle of a movie that would reintroduce his original role, Jesus Quintana. However, it was just as easy to laugh it off than it was to believe it.

As it turns out, the movie is happening, and there’s even proof. Currently being filmed is Going Places, a remake of the 1974 French comedy Les Valseuses. Unfortunately, the sequel has no official connection with Lebowski. In fact, the Coen Brothers have nothing at all to do with this film.

But don’t let that disappoint you because the bowling enthusiast we know and love is making a comeback. Yup, Turturro will be playing Jesus.

What about the dude?

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So, what about The Dude? Perhaps the most famous question of all, and completely understandable. Being that the Coen brothers have no involvement with this film, we aren’t to expect an appearance from The Dude. Though the movie features one familiar face, it appears to be a standalone film.

In fact, Turturro actually created his character before appearing in The Big Lebowski. It makes sense, considering he has a high amount of passion for his character.

But yes, it’s true that The Dude will unfortunately not be making a comeback, in this film anyway. However, The Big Lebowski will no doubt be the reason that this upcoming film gets a lot of attention.

So who knows, maybe we can expect to see The Dude elsewhere. We can only hope so! At this time, additional details on the film are unknown. Hopefully, we at least get another intense bowling alley scene.

Are you stoked to see the spin-off of The Big Lebowski? Do you think The Dude will make a surprise appearance? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

Aug 22, 2016