How The Marijuana Don Gave Over $100,000 Back To The Community

Over Easter weekend, Big Mike donated $100K worth of goods to the homeless in LA by handed out backpacks filled with everyday essentials.

Apr 25, 2017

In case you don’t know Big Mike, he is the CEO of Advanced Nutrients, a company that sells everything you could ever need to grow your own ganja. When he’s not busy running his business, he dedicates his time to his charity Holiday Heroes. During Easter weekend, Big Mike donated $100,000 worth of goods to the homeless in LA. Seventy-five volunteers, including Advanced Nutrients staff members, handed out 2,000 backpacks filled with everyday essentials to women, men, and children in need.

Big Mike donates $100,000 to those in need

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Big Mike Straumietis, also known as the Marijuana Don, is the CEO of Advanced Nutrients. But what you might not know about him is his love for helping needy families.

During Easter weekend, Big Mike donated $100,000 worth of goods to the homeless in LA. His charity, Holiday Heroes, along with Advanced Nutrients staff members, blessed 2,000 people in need.

In 2012, Holiday Heroes began in Bulgaria. And just last Christmas, the charity launched in Los Angeles.

Around 9 am on April 24th, 75 volunteers filled 2,000 backpacks with everyday essentials for women, men, and children. Each bag included blankets, washcloths, feminine hygiene products, socks, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, soap, and deodorant. Also, they came with toothpaste, toothbrushes, rain poncho, flashlight, toys, and more.

After assembling the backpacks, Big Mike and the rest of the team dropped them off at multiple locations in the LA area. In addition to the Union Rescue Mission in Sylmar, they also stopped by Comunidad César Chavez family housing in East Los Angeles.

The story behind Holiday Heroes

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Once the crew left East LA, they headed to Skid Row in downtown LA to pass out the remaining backpacks. Along with the Holiday Heroes group, Down But Not Out also joined in, a volunteer organization that feeds Skid Row residents every Thursday evening.

According to Big Mike, he believes that if a company can afford to start a charity, they should. And since he runs a successful business himself, he did just that,

I started Holiday Heroes because I saw an unmet need in the community that supported my businesses, so I wanted to help.

Also, no other charity was helping hungry families in Bulgaria. For this reason, he felt like starting a charity was something he had to do.

And because homelessness is a big issue in Los Angeles, he felt a moral obligation to help out,

I believe the greatest need is for those living on the streets, so Skid Row has become a major focus for the Los Angeles Chapter of Holiday Heroes.

If you want to learn more about Holiday Heroes, then check out and for more info.

Apr 25, 2017