Black Ice Cream Is Back To Counterbalance All Those Unicorn Frappes

That’s right, you can forget about the Unicorn Frappuccino because this summer’s real winner is going to be black ice cream.

Apr 30, 2017

While the unicorn-inspired fraps soared to great heights, it’s safe to say that the drink is now a footnote in history, but its successor will be something that has risen from the depths of, well, not Hell… but the freezer. Yes, black ice cream is back in black, having first become popular in 2016. But it looks like it will be a hit for the upcoming summer, too, thanks to its popularity on social media, ten of which are listed below.

1. Black Sunday

2. With a sprinkling of a unicorn’s soul


3. Happiness is…

4. This coven of witches found themselves in a downpour

5. All together now

6. This is what the Matterhorn looks like in spring

7. Coming soon to a YouTube tutorial

To match my soul ? #ledo #mrak #goth #dark #black #scary #lips #chocolate #icecream #blackicecream #instafood #food

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8. For kids, too

9. That’s some tasty art

10. Doggo agrees that it’s tasty

Apr 30, 2017