Strain Of The Day Review: Blackberry Kush


Searching for a tasty treat? Blackberry Kush is known for its delicious sweet, aged-berry flavor. Grab this strain when you need to slow down and relax.

Sep 26, 2016

A solid indica with plenty of flavor Blackberry Kush is perfect for a rainy day. When you need to just slow down, mellow out, and relax, this strain is your perfect mate. It’s not the most potent indica out there, but the THC content in this strain can get pretty high. New consumers should go slow with this flower. 

Strain details

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Blackberry Kush is an indica-dominant cross between Afghani and Blackberry. Afghani is a landrace strain that makes up the backbone of many modern indicas. Blackberry is a fairly well-balanced

Blackberry is a fairly well-balanced hybrid. People often use Blackberry for calming anxiety without too much sedation.

Crossing Blackberry with Afghani amps up the indica body effect, which transforms a plucky hybrid into a sedative strain.

Blackberry Kush is a treat for experienced consumers. Those new to cannabis should watch out, this indica tends to have a high THC content and a powerful high. You can expect somewhere between 17 and 22% THC in most Blackberry Kush flowers.

This strain has a noteworthy aroma. Overall, it has a strong, sweet berry scent. It’s this berry flavor and aroma that makes Blackberry Kush such a crowd-pleasing strain. Yet, earthy and pungent undertones highlight the Afghani heritage of this strain.

You can really experience the full flavor profile of this herb if you’re lucky enough to come across some quality Blackberry Kush concentrates.

The Blackberry Kush experience

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Apart from being amazed by the sweet, kushy flavor of Blackberry Kush, you’ll quickly notice this strain’s drowsy effects.

This flower will slow you right down, hitting you with a pleasant wave of physical relaxation. If you’ve been stressed or worried about something, a few tastes of this strain will push any unpleasantness out of your mind.

Though this strain is an indica, it won’t completely knock you out. It does have a little sativa in the mix, so the body high comes with a dose of euphoria. However, you’ll quickly feel your eyelids get a little heavy. Couch lock is another risk of this strain. Sitting and spacing out are common after a little Blackberry Kush.

This strain is definitely an evening or nighttime treat. It’s perfect to use right before dinner. It tends to promote appetite and ease gastrointestinal distress.

Between the relaxing high and the good food, you’re likely to find yourself in a state of pure bliss.

Why do people use Blackberry Kush?

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This strain is perfect for when you just need to chill out. It’s sedative and calm, perfect for the end of a high-strung day.

The indica effects make this strain best for low-key or indoor activities. If you’re stuck inside on a rainy day or just want to space out and play some video games, this tasty flower will provide good company.

Blackberry Kush is much-loved by medical cannabis patients. Many have reported that it works well for muscle spasticity and tension. Aches and pains evaporate after just a few puffs of this flower.

Ladies with a bad case of PMS find relief from both cramps and mood swings from this sugary herb. Many also use Blackberry Kush for relief from psychiatric conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder and stress.

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Sep 26, 2016