GROUNDBREAKING: Boy Receives World’s First Double-Hand Transplant. This Is Remarkable!

Making medical history, 8-year-old Zion Harvey was the world’s first child ever to receive a double-hand transplant. He is such an inspiration!

Jul 31, 2015

It is absolutely astonishing to see the medical revolutions happening today. In a groundbreaking procedure, an extremely courageous boy received the world’s first double-hand transplant ever.

Despite facing some incredibly hard odds throughout his life, 8-year-old Zion Harvey has a heart of gold. At two years of age, Zion developed a life-threatening infection, and both his hands and feet were amputated.

During his life, Zion always dreamt of being able to use both of his hands. Now, thanks to a medical miracle, he was carefully operated on for a total of 11 hours. Now, Zion has hands that will grow with him as he continues to age.

Zion will now go through exhausting therapy, but when he is asked, “What will be your favorite thing to do once all the bandages come off?” his response couldn’t be any more beautiful. Just watch the story below. We hope for the very best with Zion and for his family. You are an inspiration Zion!

Jul 31, 2015