The Incredibly Hard Lives of Britain’s “Spice” Addicts

Marijuana isn’t legal in Britain, but “spice” (also known as synthetic marijuana) is, and the consequence is grave.

Jul 29, 2015

Marijuana isn’t legal in Britain, but synthetic weed is, and the consequence is grave.

Like cannabis, little scientific research has been done on the effects of Spice and users are finding out through trial and error, with detrimental costs. However, we know enough to mandate labeling the product as not fit for humans:

“Although manufacturers state on the package that they’re not fit for human consumption, legal highs are used recreationally, and they make the press when students overdose on them.”

You heard that right — “overdose“, a word that is not within the vocabulary of herbal cannabis consumers. Part of the problem is that the chemical makeup of Spice is constantly changing, in an effort by manufacturers to keep their product on the market:

“Legal high manufacturers design cannabinoids and constantly update the composition of their products so they remain within the law. But these experiments can leave the user smoking a legal version of weed that can be 100 times stronger.”

Watch this fascinating documentary by VICE who reports on the lives of Brits suffering from addiction to synthetic marijuana.

Jul 29, 2015