Buzzfeed’s Weed Vs. Alcohol Debate Is On Point!

We have all heard the age old debate about Cannabis Vs. Alcohol. Which one is really better? Buzzfeed decided to  set the record straight once and for all in this hilarious debate.

Feb 13, 2016 - P. L. Jackson

The video begins with a disclaimer not to enjoy both weed and booze at the same time.

The Case For Booze

The debaters dove right in stating that “Being drunk is way more fun than being high,” a pro-alcohol debater said.who labeled herself as an alcohol. Another point brought up by the alcohol side was the different varieties of drinks.  “Champagne, margaritas, Moscow mules, there is none of that with weed.”

The alcohol side also brought up that getting drunk can make a person less scary and more friendly with other people in social settings. ”

There’s like an activeness when you’re drunk. You love everybody and you make friends. Pot doesn’t make you do that. Pot makes you go, ‘Should we go to In-N-Out?'”

Another debater said that all of her best memories were from her being drunk. They also made a valid point, saying that you can get drunk anywhere, whereas, with weed, you cannot.

The Case For Weed

The weed side started off strong as they were talking about how much weed one can buy for not a lot of money. “In today’s day and age, you could probably get about two grams for $25 and that will smoke you out for two weeks…”

Another point the weed side made was that there is an instant connection between you and another user. “When you are a marijuana smoker and you meet another marijuana, there is a hit-off that happens that is like no other,” said a weed commentator.

One weed-friendly woman even talked about the health benefits of using weed. “Since smoking weed, I have stopped wanting to drink sodas,…I am more into all natural, healthier things to put into my body,” she said.

“It’s about music. it’s about love, it’s about talking about bigger ideas”

“Weed makes you get to know who you are on the inside,” another weed friendly person said.

Another valid point about weed is that weed  doesn’t kill anymore. “Weed is better. It doesn’t cause anyone to die. It doesn’t cause you to drive drunk.” one contributor said.

Whatever you prefer, you should still exercise caution when using either of the two.

Check out the video below. Which side are you on? Did you agree or disagree with any of the points that were made in the video? If so, drop us a line on social media or in the comments below.

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