Man gets a DUI for drunkenly riding his horse on the freeway

Seriously, dude?

Mar 5, 2018

Last weekend, a man in Southern California managed to land himself a DUI charge without actually driving a vehicle. With a horsepower of one and a blood alcohol level two times over the legal limit, Luis Alfredo Perez was pulled over after attempting to ride a horse across the freeway.

“We get a chuckle out of the interesting situations we encounter from time to time, but one thing the CHP does not do is “horse” around with DUI,” tweeted the CHP of Santa Fe Springs. “No joke. Rider arrested by CHP for DUI in the greater Long Beach area. Don’t put yourself, your beautiful animal, or others in danger of being killed in traffic.”

Now, you might begin to ponder: can you actually be arrested for driving under the influence when you’re just riding a horse? Just in case you are ever thinking about doing it, yes, a horse counts for drunk driving (er…riding?) charges.

Last year, police in Florida—the state that acts like a patient zero for weird crap like this—also arrested a woman for drunkenly taking her horse, Bo Duke, out for a spin on a public road. At the time, Florida police said that anything that can be ‘transported or drawn upon a highway is eligible for a DUI charge. So I suppose that would include cars, bikes, ATVs, hovercrafts, unicycles, horses, camels, and maybe one of those Little Tikes Cozy Coupes too. 

“When you mount up your horse in Polk City, Florida and ride it into town,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, “you can be sure of one thing. We’re going to arrest you for a DUI if you’re weaving on your horse.”

Mar 5, 2018