Camouflage Ice Cream Is A Thing Now

This delicious new food trend is taking over the internet, freezers, and hopefully soon, your taste buds.

Sep 6, 2016

Sometimes, having the munchies is a total bummer. What should you eat? Salty? Savory? Sweet? Why not all three? There should be something so perfectly balanced that all three main taste bud groups can be satisfied at once. The Texas ice cream company, Blue Bell, has managed to deliver a pretty amazing combination in their new camouflage ice cream flavor, Camo ‘N Cream. It might just be our answer to the exact munchie food we’ve all been waiting for.

Trio of unique flavors

We’ve all had the standard Neapolitan ice cream: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Now, there’s a new combination available and it’s putting Neapolitan to shame. Blue Bell Creamery has concocted a mixture of three ice cream flavors most of us would never think to combine.

Pistachio Almond, Milk Chocolate and Cream Cheese are the three ice creams swirled together to create the latest trend in the world of food.

Camo ‘N Cream got its name from the colors each flavor brings to the table. Pistachio Almond has a light, green color, like something found in nature, not a harsh neon hue. Of course, the Milk Chocolate is dark brown, like any standard chocolate ice cream would be.

The Cream Cheese, my personal favorite, is lighter, resembling a slightly dirtied shade of white. Once swirled together, the three resemble an Army fatigue, ready to protect and serve your taste buds.

What does camouflage ice cream taste like?

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As you can imagine, these flavors are pretty different from the standard vanilla or strawberry. Even basic chocolate can’t compete with this new combo. Many people are wondering how the three actually taste together. The answer is: amazing.

The Pistachio Almond has a mild saltiness that pairs perfectly with the nutty aroma and sweet sugary cream. Milk Chocolate is made with real chocolate, leaving out preservatives or fake flavoring. This delivers a true-blue chocolate experience for those who just can’t get enough of the dark treat.

The Cream Cheese might be the most unique of all the flavors, but it certainly is the best. Tart and tangy tastes meet the tongue with the first lick of this sensational ice cream.

So, how do they taste together? Well, the Camouflage concoction tastes like a chocolate cover nut dipped in cream cheese. Of course, that’s not a very good explanation, but it is an accurate one.  The ice cream truly tastes like nothing you’ve ever had before, unless you go around eating strange food combinations on a regular basis.

Director of Marketing at Blue Bell, Carl Breed, is impressed with the new frozen treat and thinks the rest of the world will be, too.

We are having a little fun with this flavor.

While the fun flavor is certainly gaining attention, which, from a Marketing stand point is what the company was trying to do, I tend to wonder how long this food trend will hold on before being replaced with another trendy item, like the Cronut or Rainbow Bagel.

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Sep 6, 2016